Sony Xperia XZ Premium cheaper than previously thought


There is no two ways around it – the Xperia XZ Premium is a beast of a phone. If specs are your thing, chances are if it exists, Sony was able to put it inside of their flagship phone. That of course comes with a price, and in this case, Sony has never been known to offer phones at low prices – and that’s okay if what you’re making is a premium device. After all, Apple doesn’t sell cheap phones and they do amazing business worldwide, indicating that there is absolutely an appetite for the more premium products in life. But when you lack their brand power, would consumers turn up for a $799 or $899 Xperia phone? Luckily that’s not something Sony nor us as fans will have to worry about if the following pricing information holds true.

As it stands, pre-orders for the Xperia XZ Premium have opened via Amazon UK for £649, making the phone an insanely good deal. To put it into context, I’d heard pricing for the XZs in the US would come in at $699. Either Amazon is offering a great deal or the US pricing I’d been given is way off. But if you thought that was good pricing, according to XperiaBlog, other retailers in the UK are offering even better prices:

  • Clove – £649
  • – £639.98

If I had to be a betting man, I’d say these are prices that won’t hold so if you happen to live in the UK, I’d recommend jumping on them immediately. As always, good things come to those who wait and though Amazon could be off, they currently have the Xperia XZ Premium pegged to arrive June 1st. What do you think – is a £649 accurate or is this a limited time pricing that will increase?