Sony OLED TV ad “Earth Rising” is beautiful


Here’s something I don’t often get to say – Sony released an ad that’s simple and mesmerizing. Even though the price for the A1E OLED puts it out of range for most consumers, it’s important that this TV could have the right kind of flair and pizzazz to make people reconsider the brand, even if what they end up purchasing is a different TV like the X940E. A product halo affect is something that shouldn’t be underestimated and till now, even if Sony has had a worthy product, they haven’t been good at telling people about it.

Now of course a single ad released online isn’t suddenly going to drive massive mindshare towards Sony, nor the A1E but it’s a good sign and a beautiful ad. For those playing at home, make sure you change the video setting to 4K, sit back, and enjoy.

What did you think of the Sony OLED ad?

  • Talos the Robot

    Amazing visual quality and so emotional at the same time.

  • Yep. No technical jargon and yet it tells you everything you need to know about the TV.

  • Philbz

    That’s a great ad, well done Sony!

  • Julius Koroll

    I guarantee you, if they just would do ONE single commercial like that for the Xperia line and run it like every other Phone-maker does it reguarly, people would run into the stores to get devices from them. But starting with the TVs is a good start too.

  • P1l0t3

    Nice, the music does most of the job though. Regarding the halo aspect of one tv to buy other, SONY can use another trick : always having a TV that is the best for ps4 players (as it is its best seller). I did buy my 47inch SONY in regards to its response time (ms) when playing ps4 and mostly FPS (like OverWatch). THis would help them sell more imho.

  • Yep. No technical crap. Just show off the phone and what it can do.

  • Julius Koroll

    If you would take such a commercial for the slomo or the HDR-screen or the “design philosophy”. I think the biggest problem of Xperia is the marketing. People don’t want to “own” the device like they want iPhones. But this stuff is so easy! Good PR, good Social Media engagement, sending devices to star-photographers who use it and so on. But anyways… Maybe it’s not the japanese way of doing it…