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For regular SRN readers, just a reminder that the new site is


which is where all future content will be posted. Over the next week, things will be slowly migrating and forwarding there which means all the past content from the last decade will be found on the new site as well.

Big weekend over here at the household as we prepare to take SonyRumors.net down and transition all the content to SonyReconsidered.com. In addition to the name change, there’s also a massive platform shift which will take the site away from WordPress, which has been at the core of the site, to Medium. Helping all this happen is Ricardo N Feliciano without whom I’d likely be in a corner crying or moreso screaming at BlueHost.

For those curious as to why the transition and name change are happening, you can read this previous post which details all the reasons that led up to this shift. For this piece, I’d instead like to point you all towards some new features and additions that you’ll find useful.

No ads–

Ever been to a site that loaded a fullscreen ad before it even loaded the content you were looking for? Or how about sites that nag you to turn off your content blocker? (Yea, I know you have them turned on. For what it’s worth, so do I).

Even worse, how about sites that auto-play some forsaken video/audio in a place you just cant find that makes you want to rage quit the web altogether? I’m happy to say that the previous iteration of SRN never had much ads and in the last few years even further dwindled.

I’ve never been a fan of the ad model which relies on clicks for the author to get paid or simply relies on mass volume to determine payment, two models I find highly broken. But my personal distaste for that model aside, what I cannot stand are the privacy implications.

I don’t take your readership for granted and that means I don’t take your data for granted either. Too many sites employ hostile ad services which place tracking cookies all of your computer to mine as much data about you as possible and to say the least, I find the whole thing gross.

You didn’t sign up for SRN to have your info handed over to 3rd parties and sold and resold over again. Now I’m lucky enough to be able to fund this whole operation on my own which means I don’t need to rely on direct ads to keep things afloat, a luxury other sites and writers don’t have, which I’m well aware of. But even then, there exists better models for a site to run on.

In the future, I might decide to take up such avenues like sponsored posts or ads in a podcast, all which will be obvious to you as a reader with zero chances of your data ever being at risk.

So yay, no ads! Makes you want to dance like Baby Groot, right?


I’m not over using the arrows, right?

Section Categories–

If there’s a particular division of Sony that interests you, finding content related to it has never been easier. On the top of the home page or via the native Medium app, you can jump to different categories like PlayStation, Mobile, VR, and so on.

RSS Feed–

Are RSS feeds the only way you stay up to date with sites? Good, because I’ve got what you’re looking for:


Please note this link might change after the site transition so if you find it not working, check back here as I’ll update this post if needed.

Native Apps–

One of the things that I love about Medium is its native iOS and Android apps. This means iOS users can download a native app for iPhone/iPad and Android users for phones and can easily find the content in a form that best fits your device. Best of all, the apps allow for Push Notification which means you’ll know the minute a new article is published.




For about 6 months now, the SRN newsletter has been chugging. The idea is simple: give you the best of the week’s content which ranges from written articles to Instagram photos. In short, instead of chasing SRN on different platforms, it comes in a neat package with a bow on top to your inbox.

In the coming weeks, the newsletter will see an overhaul with a fresh new design and even more content, some of which will be topics I think you’ll find relevant that I simply didn’t have time to cover, or find appropriate to cover.

So if you haven’t already, I do hope you subscribe.

No arrows this time!

Submit a Tip–

Did you know that one of the best ways that I stay ahead, if not up to date with stories, is because of tips from readers like yourself? I can only stay up with so many news outlets and events so it’s thanks to tips that I can catch something that I might not otherwise get to cover. Submitting a tip hasn’t changed much from the previous site and the button still sits on top of the homepage.

Help me, help you, help me–

Unlike the previous site, SRN is no longer its own island and sits amidst a bevy of other sites and authors. I hope you take the time to explore Medium and find other writers that you latch onto like M.G. Siegler or Rene Ritchie.

In the same vein, I’d love your help too and all it takes is a click. After each article, you’ll have an opportunity to click a little heart button which not only lets me know that you found the topic worth your time, but it also helps others find my work as well. This will go a long way towards ensuring that the site keeps growing which means that I’ll be able to dedicate even more time to it and maybe one day launch that podcast I’ve been endlessly contemplating.