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Do You Know What the First Sony Product Was?


Ever wonder what the first Sony product was? Despite what you may have heard, it was not the Walkman (July 1, 1979) or Japan’s first tape recorder (Type-G in mid 1950). Instead, the first product by Sony was for less electronic than we would think of today though far more delicious than anything Sony has produced in decades.

So what was the first product which is pictured above? We reveal what it is after the jump.

Sony Offers More Details on ‘Made for Bond’ Campaign


To promote their soon-to-be-released Xperia Z5 flagship family, Sony is tapping into their film roots with a ‘Made for Bond’ campaign. For those not aware, Spectre, the fourth 007 flick with Daniel Craig at the helm is produced by none other than Sony Pictures which makes for a more lucrative cross promotion.

Last week, I wasn’t too kind on the ‘short film’ styled ad which features actress Naomie Harris, who plays Moneypenny. I called the piece a bit tone deaf and I’m not sure I’m ready to change my thoughts on it (though I’d love to hear yours). Now, Sony is pulling back the curtain on the ad which was shot on Sony’s F65 professional 4K cinema camera.

After the jump, more information about the cinematic ad and its close roots to the Bond franchise with comments from Sony CEO Kaz Hirai.

Sony Electronics Sales Up 25% YTD in North America


For our readers in Europe, it’s sometimes hard to grasp the position Sony is in, seeing how the electronics giant still commands a presence and brand name there. In North America, the story is very different, with Sony holding a very low consumer mindshare and in turn, sales. Despite being battered down, Sony Electronics (different than Sony Mobile) is beginning to make great strides in North America. Late last week, we revealed how Sony has been the number one mirrorless camera maker for four years running (worldwide) and now comes news that sales are up 25% YTD in North America for Sony.

Some more interesting stats and a fancy chart after the jump.

Sony is “the #1 Mirrorless Camera Maker For the Last 4 Years”


If there’s one thing that sucks about what I do here, it’s that too often, I’m reporting downright depressing news about Sony. When it’s not that, it tends to be editorials on how I believe Sony can do better. With that as the back drop, it’s always refreshing to report on what Sony is doing right and in the past year, there is glimmer that perhaps it’s beginning to be more and more. While in the end, PS3 etched out ahead of the Xbox 360, it’s been PS4 that has singlehandedly dominated Xbox One with most analysts believing Sony’s console is ahead 2 to 1.

Now you can add mirrorless cameras to that tally as well with Sony being the number one mirrorless camera maker for the past four years and that’s not even the most impressive part. Let’s talk after the jump.

Sony Smartwatch 3 Gains Two New Watch Faces & Widgets


From time to time, via the Watch Faces for Smartwatch 3 app, Sony updates and releases new watch faces for their smartwatch. When launched, three unique faces could be downloaded

  • Classic
  • Watercolor
  • Sony

With the most recent update, Sony is adding two new watch faces and some widgets to go along with them in order to bring more functionality to your wrist.

Sony Xperia Z5 is “Made for Bond” or Something


Long before the Xperia Z5 family was unveiled, there were rumors of the next flagship Sony smartphone appearing in Spectre, the upcoming James Bond film. With the phones having now been unveiled, Sony Mobile is running an advertisement campaign with the slogan “Made for Bond.”

After the jump, let’s talk about the 1 minute ad which can also be found there.

Sony Online Retail to Close in Europe as Well?


Not a ton of information to go by but according to a little birdie, Sony will be closing its online retail presence in Europe as well. Earlier in the summer, Sony made the surprising announcement that they’d be bringing their online retail store to a close by August’s end. Though unfortunate, the news made sense, seeing how Sony has lost most of its electronics clout (PlayStation not withstanding) in North America.

More after the jump.

A Sony Car? Kaz Hirai Says “Never Say Never”


Google hasn’t made it a secret that they have ambitions for the car. While it remains unclear what exactly Google will do with their car projects, the search giant has already shown off their self-driving vehicles on more than one occasion. On the other end of the spectrum, while mum is the word from the Cupertino-based company, a lot of speculation has pointed towards Apple also swarming around the car sector with high profile meetings at BMW and higher from Tesla and Mercedes-Benz. Even if no cars come from the two tech giants, the car market is already set to change thanks to their involvement with improving the in-dash experience via CarPlay and Android Auto.

Now comes word that Sony, another electronic company who’s no stranger to cars, might also be entertaining the idea of building their own vehicle. So meet me after the jump to discuss the possibilities of a Sony car.

Official PS4 Firmware 3.0 Feature List Revealed


The official PS4 firmware 3.0 feature list has been announced by Sony. Just last week, a screenshot from the beta program revealed some great new features coming to PS4 like direct YouTube streaming. Now thanks to the official list which Sony says is not final, we have a lot more details to talk about like PlayStation Plus cloud storage raising from 1GB to 10GB. Seeing how a free Dropbox account gives you more, it’s about time Sony raises this cap.

Details after the jump.

PSA: Today Is the Final Day to Make Purchases From

Sony_Online_Retail_Closing Sony_Online_Retail_Final_Day

We’ve already covered the topic in great detail but just as a quick reminder, today is the final day to make purchases from Sony’s online retail portal. According to the electronic giant,

 Sony Store Online will stop taking orders at 1pm (PST) 

It remains unclear what Sony will do with its online portal as it will not disappear. Instead, I believe that it will serve as a domain for product information with all purchasing options being redirected towards authorized dealers. Earlier this month, Sony began directing people to shop at Amazon. While you’ll still be able to purchase every Sony product from other retailers like Amazon and to a lesser extent Best Buy, there is something to be said when a large corporation doesn’t find it in their best interest to sell products directly to consumers. A few more thoughts after the jump.