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Sony Releases new PS4 ‘Black Friday – Best Place To Play 2015′ Ad


To kick off Thanksgiving and show why PlayStation continues to be the best place to game, Sony has released a new PS4 ad. Dubbed ‘Black Friday – Best Place to Play 2015,’ the new ad emphasis on a exclusives like Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and 3rd party titles that offer something more on PlayStation like Star Wars Battlefront, Destiny, and Call of Dusty: Black Ops 3.

Finally Sony points out the new $299 price tag which is valid till the 30th. It was just revealed that Star Wars Battlefield has more players on PS4 than on Xbox One and PC Combined. PS4 also just crossed the 30 million units sold marker, owning more than 50% of the market. You can say things are going well for Sony on the gaming front.

Now mobile, that’s a different story. Ad can be found after the jump.

According to Naughty Dog, ‘Uncharted: Golden Abyss’ Could Come to PS4


In early October, treasure hunters and those who appreciate well-made games were treated to Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection on PS4 which featured remastered and improved versions of Uncharted 1-3. Absent from the collection was Uncharted: Golden Abyss which takes place prior to the three Uncharted titles and appeared on PS3.

When asked previously why the PS Vita title never made found its way to the collection, Naughty Dog Community Strategist Arne Meyer said that though they’d considered the title, it didn’t fit into the story arc of the three titles which sets up Uncharted 4. Luckily, there is hope yet for the portable version to get a PS4 treatment.

Rdio’s Bankruptcy Will Cost Sony Millions


Running a profitable streaming music business is hard. Just ask Sony, a company that, on paper, was perhaps best set up to run such a business. After all, Sony sells millions upon millions of pieces of hardware each year that’s capable of running a music streaming service, commands one of the largest music libraries in the world under the Sony Music/BMG label, and is a technology company. These three ingredients should have made Sony the leader in music streaming but after renaming Qriocty (which I thought was a fine name) to Music Unlimited (which I found atrocious), Sony would eventually secede from the streaming business and hand control over to Spotify.

Now Rdio has joined the latest casualty list and declared bankruptcy and with it, will cost Sony millions of dollars.

Meet the Shock-, Splash-, & Dust-Proof Sony HD-SP1 Hard Drive

Seemingly out of nowhere, Sony has unveiled an all new shock-, splash-, and dust-proof external hard drive. Providing what Sony calls a “generous 1TB [of] storage capacity,” this external USB 3.0 (up to 5Gbps) drive utilizes a 2.5-inch hard drive as do most small portable units. It’s unclear if the HD-SP1 is a 5400 RPM or 7500 RPM hard drive though I’m leaning on the former. Compatible with both Mac and PC, the Sony HD-SP1 comes in blue and lime green alongside some utility software.

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Sony Finally Ends Betamax Production 40 Years Later


There has never been a better example of just because a technology is superior doesn’t mean it will win out than the Betamax. Released in Japan on May 10, 1975, Betamax would eventually find a competitor in VHS a year later which would win the format war, due largely in part to better marketing. Unlike VHS, which phased out over a decade ago, Betamax has still enjoyed a small, but loyal following in Japan and in some production offices.

Now, Sony is finally ready to put the format to rest.

Sony’s Components Business Rises Thanks to Apple


If Samsung has taught us one thing, it’s that providing components to your competitors can be a very lucrative business. The once-dominant smartphone maker has struggled in the last two years to compete with Apple and in turn, sales have declined each quarter. However, Samsung as a whole is doing fairly okay, thanks to rising profits from their components division. For those unfamiliar, Samsung supplies the now A8 and A9 chips that Apple develops in house and in the past had produced the other A series chips that power the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Ironically for Samsung, every smartphone sale they lose to Apple is a gain for their components and semiconductor division.

When former CEO Sir Howard Stringer commanded Sony, he argued that it would be nuts for the company to provide their expertise to competitors. Stringer’s thinking was that why should Apple’s iPhone cameras shine when Sony instead could power their own phones exclusively and use it as a differentiator to sell Xperia phones. Of course what he didn’t account for is that in mobile, a lot more goes into producing a great photo then a lens, an expertise that Sony lacks to this day. Stringer also likely thought that they could match Apple’s dominance – or near dominance – in sales, which also has not come to fruition. I’ve lobbied for years that Sony should make a profit off their competitors and in turn, take that money and invest it into the company. Luckily when Kaz Hirai took helm of the company, he shared that view and it’s now paying off in strides for Sony.

PS4 Continues to Elevate Sony, Nears 30 Million Units Sold


By this point, it’s no surprise that PlayStation continues to be one of the key drivers, if not the key driver for Sony’s path towards recovery. Sony has just revealed their latest quarter earnings report and PS4 is once again shining for the company as the powerful console approaches the 30 million units sold. To put into perspective how stellar these numbers are, Xbox One sales hover around 13-15 million units shipped while PS4 currently sits at 29.3 shipped with 25 million units sold having been announced some time ago.

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Sony Continues to Bet Heavily on Digital Imaging, Acquires Toshiba’s CMOS Image Sensor Division

Sony_Camera_Sensor_16megapixelDespite struggling and weighing down heavily on the company, Sony is continuing to support its mobile arm by building a new, wholly-owned smartphone factory. With all the news about mobile and its future within Sony, a story that doesn’t garner enough attention is the company’s amazing rise as a camera powerhouse. With little fanfare, Sony has become the #1 mirrorless camera maker for the last four years, taking away marketshare from rivals Canon and Nikon.

In early 2015, Sony announced an $805 million investment to increase their CMOS image sensor capabilities which has been reaping heavy rewards for their bottom line. In fact, Sony’s CMOS business has been so lucrative for the company that they’ve created a separate drone business in order to show off their camera technology.

With that as the backdrop, Sony has announced that it will acquire Toshiba’s CMOS image sensor business.

Sony Was Once Named Something Else


Ever wonder where the name Sony came from or what it might even mean? When you’re a site runner like myself or a hardcore Sony fan, you ponder such things. While the answer to the question is an interesting one, more intriguing is the fact that Sony wasn’t always named Sony and was changed in order to cater to American consumers.

After the jump, the meaning behind the name and the original name of Sony.

Do You Know What the First Sony Product Was?


Ever wonder what the first Sony product was? Despite what you may have heard, it was not the Walkman (July 1, 1979) or Japan’s first tape recorder (Type-G in mid 1950). Instead, the first product by Sony was for less electronic than we would think of today though far more delicious than anything Sony has produced in decades.

So what was the first product which is pictured above? We reveal what it is after the jump.