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25 Things to Know About Sony’s Online Retail Portal Closing


Just yesterday, we talked about Sony’s plans to close their online retail portal. A bit of a perplexing decision by Sony, one that leaves more questions then answers. Luckily we now have some more details to share with you and it’s not great. Just a few highlights from Sony:

 Online backorders for which inventory is unavailable as of August 28, 2015 will be cancelled 


 After this date, we recommend you purchase an extended warranty plan from a Sony Authorized Dealer. 

Speaking of those authorized dealers, if you’re looking to purchase Sony products

 Please visit one of our Sony Authorized Dealers. 

After the jump, 25 things you should know about Sony’s online retail portal closing.

Sony Closing Down Its Online Retail Portal


So here is a bit of perplexing news out of left field. Sony has announced that they’ll be shutting down their online portal come August 28th. Yes, that means you’ll no longer be able to visit and to get your fix of Sony products. That doesn’t mean the domain will disappear as that site exists to direct you to many of Sony’s other arms like Sony Pictures and PlayStation. It’s just that if you’ve been eying the say the new 4K 75X940C, which isn’t available at Best Buy, you’ll have to find other means of attaining it.

More details on this after the jump.

Sony’s Device Segment & Insurance Business Continue to Rise


The Sony Q1 FY15 year numbers are out and while things are looking bad for the mobile arm of the company, PlayStation continues to do stellar numbers (up 12.1% to ¥288.6 billion or $2.33bn) and has actually surpassed mobile (down 16.3% to ¥280.5bn or $2.27bn). Fortunately for Sony, other divisions of the company, while small compared to rivals, are starting to be more profitable, including their insurance business.

Those details after the jump.

Sony Mobile Q1 FY15 Results – Xperia Sales Collapse


If you’re a regular reader of this site, you know that I stay away from flashy headlines. In fact, our headlines tend to be the most stale though hopefully the most truthful as well. With that, I wrote the above headline with some trepidation yet cannot find it more true.

The Sony Mobile Q1 FY15 results are in and things are not looking rosy for the mobile arm of Sony. In fact, you have to go back three years to see results this low. The following is from Sony

 significant decrease in smartphone unit sales resulting from a strategic decision not to pursue scale in order to improve profitability 

After the jump you’ll find the dreadful results, including a chart of Sony Mobile quarterly sales for the last 5 years.

Sony Gets In the Drone Business for the Right Reasons


You’ll likely often see me shaking my head or flat out disagreeing with the direction that Sony takes or lack of direction. When it’s not the the former, it tends to be about another missed earnings report or layoffs which unfortunately leads to very sober coverage of Sony without much room for celebration or excitement. Today’s news about Sony getting in the drone business, while odd at first, not only makes sense for company, but in fact might be a brilliant move.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising to know that Hiroki Totoki, the new Sony Mobile CEO and President, is the mastermind behind this vision, a person we’ve covered in great detail these past two weeks. After the jump, the full story behind Sony’s drone ambitions.

Sony Mobile CEO Talks Wearables and the Future


Sony Mobile CEO and President Hiroki Totoki has already discussed how his division will return to profitability in 2016 and that Sony has no plans to drop out of the mobile category. Compared to ten years ago, the term mobile has greatly changed where then, it only meant portables like laptops.

Since that time and more so in the last five years, our definition for mobile has once again changed where the term now generally reflects smartphones and tables. With Totoki talking about mobile, you can either take it that Sony is looking to stick to smartphones in hopes of making progress or that he’s talking about mobile as a whole which is once again starting to change.

Today’s mobile is no longer limited to just smartphones and instead encompasses other devices like wearables, something that Sony already offers quite a few of. Under Totoki, Sony is looking to aggressively expand their wearable products and in turn, ensure that they’re not left behind when a new hot product emerges. His statements after the jump.

Sony Addresses ‘Exiting the Mobile Space’ Rumors


In the past two years, there’s been a lot of talk about Sony’s exit from the mobile space. Despite having only purchased their stake from Ericsson in 2012 which finally allowed Sony to take their mobile operations in house and truly control their own destiny, the division has yet to be profitable and in fact has been losing momentum.

Famously, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai said that no division within Sony is safe, referencing that that he’s not afraid to get rid of divisions that aren’t working and will not keep them around for legacy’s sake. This alone signaled to many that mobile and television could be the next to go.

Not so fast, says Hiroki Totoki, CEO and President of Sony Mobile. His statements after the jump.

Sony Raises Nearly $4 Billion to Ramp Up Sensor Business


In a move that caught investors by surprise, Sony has announced that it has raised nearly $4 billion in order to ramp up its sensor business. Sony was able to achieve the large sum by issuing new shares and bonds. In fact, this has been Sony’s first new share issue in 26 years and values at nearly a tenth of what the company is currently worth. In just the past year, Sony’s value has nearly doubled to $35 billion.

So what exactly will Sony do with the $4 billion in hand? Those details after the jump.

Sony Launches First Flight, An Internal Crowdfunding Platform


Earlier today, Sony announced First Flight, an internal crowdfunding platform that’s designed to finance projects from internal Sony employees. Think Indiegogo or Kickstarter but just for internal projects that will allow Sony employees to crowd fund their projects. The only slight twist or addition is that First Flight will also let backers pre-order and buy new devices developed by Sony workers.

Sony Announces ‘Green Management 2020,’ Targets No Impact on Environment

Sony Green Management 2020

Sony has announced a new initiative dubbed ‘Green Management 2020′ that will take effect from fiscal year 2016 through 2020. Under this new plan, Sony hopes to reduce its carbon footprint and the amount of power that its devices utilize. By decade’s end, Sony plans to have those devices be 30% more efficient. But that’s not all; Sony even has greater ambitions which would ultimately see the company have a “zero environmental footprint” throughout all stages of its product lifecycles and business.

Check out Sony’s Green Management 2020 vision details after the break.