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Sony SSD 240GB & 480GB (SLW-M) Announced


I have to say I didn’t see this coming. Sony has just announced a pair of SSD drives – the SLW-M series, which offer 240GB (SLW-MG2) or 480GB (SLW-MG4) capacities.

The drives use SATA-6 Gbps interface and hence Sony can address the vast majority of desktop and laptop PCs with its first-gen SSDs. According to Sony, the SLW-M solid-state drives feature up to 560 MB/s sequential write speed and up to 530 MB/s sequential write speed. Each drives comes equipped with the Acronis True image 2015 and Sony SSD ToolBox software for managing and saving your data.

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Fred, an Engineer at Sony Mobile, Wants You to Buy an Xperia Z5 – He’s Willing to Dance & Yell For It


Sony Mobile wants you to buy an Xperia Z5 or Xperia Z5 Compact in the US. Sure it has no fingerprint sensor or carrier support but that’s ok and Fred is here to tell you why. I see what Sony is going for in their nearly two minute video, a low budget marketing piece with ‘cool guy’ Fred who is smart, but yells at random things like YouTubers do, but man, if this is what Sony’s marketing has in mind for the US, expect their nonexistent marketshare to further disappear.

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Sony Hints at Dual Lens Camera for iPhone 7


Sony has tried time and time again to compete with Apple’s premium iPhone lineup with little success and in turn, has seen their marketshare continuously shrink. Fortunately for them, Apple’s continued strength in mobile means more money for the company’s device division which is responsible for creating the image sensors that are found in iPhone. Speaking to analysts during their Q3 FY15 earnings call, Sony CFO Kenchiro Yoshida had this to say:

 Well, for next year, our so-called dual lens – dual camera platform will be launched by, we believe, from major smartphone players. However, as I said previously, recently, our smartphone market is growing and particularly, our high-end smartphone market is now slowing down. So, that may impact the demand or production schedule of dual camera smartphones by the major smartphone manufacturers. So, we believe the real start, the takeoff of smartphone with dual lens camera will be in the year of 2017. 

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Sony Ships 8.4 Million PS4 Units in Q3 FY15

Just last week, Sony reported their Q3 FY15 earnings report to some good results. While Mobile continues to struggle (which you can read a more in depth take here), the over all health of the company continues to improve (you can again get a more in depth view of the entire company here). The one division of Sony that continues to post gangbuster numbers is PlayStation, thanks to the ever continuing momentum of the PS4.

In Q3 alone, which spans between October 1st and December 31st, Sony shipped a staggering 8.4 million PS4 units. This brings PS4 lifetime sales to nearly 36 million. At this pace, Sony should have no problem clearing 50 million units sold by year’s end. For context, Xbox One has not hit 20 million units sold yet.

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Sony USB Type-C Flash Drives Announced


Sony USB Type-C Flash DriveHere is John Gruber on the history of USB Type-C:

 I have heard, can’t say who, but let’s call them informed little birdies, that USB-C is an Apple invention and that they gave it to the standard bodies. And that the politics of such is that they can’t really say that. They’re not going to come out in public and say it, but they did. It is an Apple invention and they do want it to become a standard. 

One of the first major consumer products to utilize USB Type-C was the ultra-thin MacBook which was introduced in Spring 2015. Months later, speculation ran rampant that Sony might also utilize the new connector in the Xperia Z5 series, which has obviously turned out to be false. However, it’s looking more likely that the Xperia family might soon be switching ports as three Sony USB Type-C flash drives have been announced today.

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Putting the Sony Q3 FY15 Earnings Results in Context

To better get a sense of the Sony Q3 FY15 earnings results, I’ve put together a few charts alongside official information to give you a better sense of how the company is doing. In short, things are much better compared to a few years ago and even last year when the company posted their first profit in nearly a decade. Sony Mobile, despite pumping out the fantastic Xperia Z5 family, continues to struggle. You can read more in depth about Sony Mobile and their results here.

A quick heads up. All charts can be clicked on to viewed in much more detail.

So, let’s start from the beginning again. For its Q3 2015 financial results, Sony posted a net income of 120.1 billion JPY ($1 billion) on total revenue of 2,580.8 billion JPY ($21.5 billion). That’s up 33.5% and 0.5% year-on-year. Operating income came in at 202.1 billion JPY ($1.7 billion), an 11% rise on the previous year. In short, Sony achieved $1 billion of net profits for the three months to end in December.

As you can see from the chart above, Game & Network Services (read: PlayStation), Sony Pictures, Sony Music, and the company’s Financial Services have been on the rise. Mobile is obviously hurting and in doing so, dragging down their ever-so-profitable Devices division where image sensor sales are accounted for. Here’s how the different divisions within Sony add up.

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Poll: Based on their latest financial results, do you think Sony is headed in the right direction?


This morning, Sony released their Q3 2015 results – and things are looking pretty good for the company. What are your thoughts on their future? Share with us in our poll after the jump.

A Closer Look at the Sony Mobile Q3 2015 Results

Earlier today, Sony reported their Q3 2015 results which were mostly up, thanks largely in part to their entertainment divisions, PlayStation and Sony Pictures. Mobile continues to be a struggle for Sony (and most other smartphone makers) and in turn, resulted in another quarter with losses. The only bright side was that operating revenue grew by 133% to $201 million for the division. That’s due to Sony working hard at reducing the number of phones they offer while ensuring that the models they do sell are more premium, and in turn, more profitable per unit sold. According to Sony:

 a shift to high value-added models, as well as reductions in costs including marketing, research and development 

was the key reason for the higher operating revenue. Ultimately though, because of their focus on more premium models, there was

 a significant decrease in smartphone unit sales resulting from a strategic decision not to pursue scale in order to improve profitability 

which resulted in a revenue decline 14.7% to 384.5 billion JPY ($3.2 billion).

More details on the Sony Mobile Q3 2015 results, including more charts after the jump.

Sony Q3 2015 Results – PlayStation Up, Mobile & Image Sensors Down – But Profits Up

Sony Tokyo HQ

Sony has just posted its Q3 2015 results and, as a whole, the company is doing much better. According to Sam Byford from The Verge:

 third-quarter earnings up on those from a year ago, making ¥202.1 billion ($1.69 billion) in operating profit off ¥2.58 trillion ($21.5 billion) in revenue. Net profit between October and December was ¥120.1 billion ($1 billion), 33 percent higher than the same quarter last year. 

A big reason for the income increase compared to last year is due largely to all the cuts Sony has been making across the company. This includes personal cuts as well as reducing product lineup (i.e. les televisions, phones, and cameras). Restructuring costs were also down 50% this year to $61 million.

Beyond the obvious nature of PlayStation doing great business with sales up 10.5%, reaching $4.9 billion, Sony Pictures did great business as well

 with movies like Spectre and Hotel Transylvania 2 performing well at the box office to help the division make ¥262.1 billion ($2.18 billion) in revenue — 26.9 percent up on last year. 

It’s no surprise that Mobile continues to be a sore spot for Sony but image sensors were curiously down as the two are linked. More Sony Q3 2015 results after the jump.