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PS4 Sales Already Passed 7 Million

E3 2013 PS4 with Eye Hero

Continuing from the March milestone of 6 million units sold, Sony has now revealed that 7 m people now cherish their very own PS4.

The momentum has been compounding even since pre-orders began and more recently Sony announced that their launch window PS4 sales target before the year end of March 31st was reached a month ahead of schedule. Even the big competitor laments the PS4s progress, as Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, commented that ‘more needs to be done to beat the PS4′. Can anything stop the PS4s march?

Should You Buy ‘Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut’ On PS4?

Featured_PS4_Strike_Suit_Zero_ReviewSince the release of the PlayStation 4 (and even before, with the PlayStation 3), Sony has made it clear that they want more indie developers and games on their console. I personally enjoy these smaller game experiences and as I play more of them I am finding myself drawn to them as much if not more than the standard AAA title. Having said that, I was very excited to get my hands on the space shooter Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut. Strike Suit Zero was originally funded through Kickstarter in 2012 and released on PC in 2013.  The game comes to PlayStation 4 in  Director’s Cut form with new features and updates. Does Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut shine on the PlayStation 4? Keep reading to find out!

2014 Sony 4K Televisions to Include PlayStation Now, Can Stream PS3 Games In 4K

ps now

Unveiled at CES 2014, PlayStation Now is a streaming services that can bring PlayStation 3 titles to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. Think Netflix for gaming. At the time of its unveiling, we were able to get our hands on the PS Vita and stream God of War: Ascension to the powerful handheld without a hitch. It’s expected that Sony will officially release the cloud-based service at E3 2014. While at the time, Sony was only talking about PlayStation Now for the PS4 and PS Vita, the company made it clear that the service would expand beyond gaming consoles and onto televisions, smartphones, and tablets. Today, Sony takes the first big step to bring PS3 titles to a entirely new market and reach beyond the core gaming enthusiast.

2014 Sony 4K Television Prices Officially Unveiled, Lower Than Previous Leaks


We’d previously outlined Sony’s 2014 4K television fleet with specs and prices which includes the X850B (good), X900B (better), and the X950B (best). At that time, we were quite surprised about the prices of their 2014 4K fleet which had made huge strides in both the technology offered and the prices, but the news gets better. Sony has now officially unveiled pricing for their 4K televisions and while many are the same as we’d leaked, some are a few hundred dollars cheaper.

Sony Updates PlayMemories Mobile for iOS With Notifications and More

PlayMemories Mobile


Sony has just updated their PlayMemories Mobile app for iOS devices. The PlayMemories Mobile 4.2.3 update brings with it improved compatibility for the company’s line of attachable lenses which require to be connected via the app to function. The update now allows for an improved photo-taking experience on the QX10 and QX100 by allowing you to touch the shutter icon to focus on the image at hand.

Netflix 4K App Now Available for Sony 4K Televisions, Includes ‘House of Cards’


At CES 2014, Netflix promised to bring 4K to televisions and the company has now fulfilled that promise. As of today, those with a compatible 4K television can download the free app which will provide 4K content with no added premium to your subscription. Content currently includes House of Cards: Season 2 and nature documentaries with more titles to come in the future.

Meet the Sony Full-frame Alpha A7s With 4K Video


Every year at NAB, Sony dazzles us with new products in their camera and video lineup and this year is no different. CES 2014 made it clear that Sony is going all in with 4K and NAB continued that promise with the announcement of the full-frame Sony Alpha A7s. As the name suggests, this isn’t a rethinking of the Alpha line and instead, an improvement on the full-frame A7 that was announced last year. In short, Sony is bringing 4K video recording to the party with vastly improvement sensitivity which is what the “s” in the name refers to.

Interested? Lets talk details.

Sony Scores Big with FIFA, ESPN 4K Camera Deals

fifa-world-cup-2014-0 Official

4K just got yet another big push, this time at the world’s largest football event; the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Sony announced a deal with FIFA to produce the Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Film in 4K Ultra HD, and three full matches including the final. This year the World Cup will take place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July.

ESPN in the US has just signed Sony to supply studio cameras for their new Digital Center 2 studio production operations in Bristol, Conn. The Center is a 193,000-square-foot facility due to air this May.

Sony KitKat Update News – Which Devices, When is the Update, What’s Included

Google Android KitKat

Sony recently announced which of it’s smartphones are getting KitKat first, along with fresh info on what users can expect with the very latest Android uplift. The first devices to get KitKat were the Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z1 Compact.

The next round involves many more devices including the Xperia Tablet Z and last year’s flagship, Xperia Z. Both of these devices show firmware versions of 14.x over at the certification body PTCRB.

KitKat brings smart caller ID which identifies an unsaved number when someone calls, an ultra low-power audio playback state to get extra juice out of your media player and the most elegant Android UI yet.

Read on for the full details.

PlayStation Store Update (4-01-14)

Psn-UpdateWelcome to the PlayStation Store update for April 01, 2014. We have a great update this week packed full of new content and sales. Come back to baseball as MLB The Show 14 is the big release for the week on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The PlayStation 4 version will release next month and is now available for pre-order.

Batman Origins: Blackgate Deluxe Edition arrives on the PlayStation 3 today with several updates and improvements over the PlayStation Vita version. Both the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 also receive Ragnarok Odyssey Ace today. 

Finally, PlayStation Plus users will be receiving both Batman  Arkham City (PS3) and as we speculated last week Mercenary Kings (PS4) for free along with many discounts on several games. Keep reading to see a complete list of content available on the PlayStation Store this week!

Kaz Hirai to Step Down as CEO, Be Replaced by Jack Tretton

Jack_Tretton_Kaz_Hirai_1For the past two months, there has been plenty of turmoil at Sony. While things seemed to be going well for Sony in 2013 with the company starting to experience growth in mobile and coming off of a fantastic PS4 launch, 2014 has quickly turned into a black mark for the struggling Japanese giant. In the last few months, we’ve seen no shortage of departures from PlayStation, including high level departures at Naughty Dog and a massive layoff at Santa Monica Studios. The reach of turmoil unfortunately has not been limited to PlayStation as Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America and one of the division’s earliest executives when it was founded in 1995, is stepping down at the end of March. Since the start of the new year, Sony has announced the closure of 60% of their retail stores in the US, the closing of VAIO, and is even spinning off their Bravia television business. To top that all of this, Masaru Kato, the company’s CFO is departing after 31 years.

While some sites have attempted to connect the dots between events, they’ve so far been unsuccessful at figuring out just what went wrong at Sony. Now, thanks to an insider, we’ve come to learn the real reason behind all the turmoil at Sony and it involves Jack Tretton and Kaz Hirai.

Sony to Revolutionize Battery Technology With ‘Power Food’

Sony has been involved in battery technology for a long time. The company’s reach extends from big devices like the now defunct Sony VAIO division to smaller portable devices like Xperia smartphones and Cyber-Shot cameras which all utilize Sony batteries. Throughout the years, the company’s progress, while slow, has been nothing short of amazing where we once could do 100 pictures on a Cyber-Shot camera before running out of juice, we can now take 400+ photos in a camera that’s more powerful and slimmer.

Now, the company feels like it can revolutionize the battery industry and the solution comes from one of the unlikeliest places: food. It’s blatantly obvious that food powers all mammals on the planet. In a nutshell, our body is capable of taking food, breaking it down internally and converting it to nutrients that help fuel our body. Now Sony’s R&D division hopes to do the same for our gadgets thanks to Power Food which can be seen in the above video.

Sony Corp. CFO Masaru Kato Steps Down

Masaru Kato

In yet another major development as Sony winds down the current financial year (today), Masaru Kato departs after 31 years. Sony has appointed Kenichiro Yoshida to replace him starting April 1.

Kato was a Sony veteran having held several other high-profile positions within the company including Executive Vice President, Representative Corporate Executive Officer as well as Chief Executive Officer and Deputy President at Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.