Every day we get emails/tweets/faxes asking questions about SonyRumors and its operations. In fact, we hear some questions over and over again. Our solution? An easy-to-digest FAQ list.


What is SRN?

SRN is short for SonyRumors.net. Our site is dedicated to building a Sony and PlayStation community that provides news, rumors, talk, and reviews.

How do I get in touch with SRN?

Just visit our contact us page for a dizzying array of methods.

Who started SRN?

SRN was created by Sohrab Osati in 2008 as a passion project. Then an Apple employee and a current Apple Consultant, Sohrab wanted to use his knowledge to help guide the direction of Sony.

Who owns SRN?

This site and its operations are fully owned by Bebi Corp.

How do you choose which stories to cover?

Stories we cover are based upon what we find interesting. Being a part of the community, we believe it to be a good rule of thumb that if we find it interesting, so will you.

Why do you post rumors?

We believe that it’s in our readers best interest to be in the know about the products that encompass their lives. Covering rumors with thorough research can help you make the right decision about your next product purchase.

Do companies pay you to review their products? Do you keep the gadgets you review?

No; in fact, due to our independent nature, we still have to knock on many doors before we receive a product for review. Once received, we tend to have a limited time to review the given product before we ship it back. Only time a product is kept after review is when we actually purchase it for self use.

Who comprises of the SRN staff?

Check out our full staff page for that information and more.

Are you hiring?

We’re always looking for talented and motivate members of our community to join our team. Check our careers page for more information.

Can I follow SRN on [insert social media site here]?

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Vine / Google+YouTube/ FlickrPinterest /  Ratpr / iTunes / RSS

Is there a mobile version of the site? What about an iPhone or Android app?

One of the things we’re extremely proud of is our modern coding which allows our site to adapt to any screen size and form factor. Be it a PlayStation Vita, an iPhone 5, or a Tablet S, our website will form to your device’s resolution without giving you a dumbed-down mobile experience.

What is the greatest movie of all time?

The Matrix Trilogy!

What will be the winning lotto number?


Coke or Pepsi?



How do I comment?

Beneath any given post, you’ll see the words “Connect With” under the Disqus comment window. Click on that link and you’ll then have the option to log in using your Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Disqus credentials. You can also click in the “Pick A Name” field to create an Disqus account. Once you’re in, you can comment across our sites using the login you chose.

Why do I have to register to comment?

We are always working to improve our system and make commenting easier, but the best way right now to cut down on the noise of spammers or trolls is to ask people to take a seat at the virtual table and tell us who they are. We need you to create a profile in our system and become a member of our community. You should know your account information is not harvested — we hate spam as much, if not more than you do, and we never, EVER share that info with outside parties. Your information is completely private and in fact, is never sent to us. You won’t get random emails, wall posts, tweets or be put on any lists — and that’s a promise.

I forgot my username/password, what do I do?

Click the “Connect With” icon, under the comment field, then enter your username or email address, and click “Forgot Password?” Disqus or the given service will then email you a link with instructions how to reset your password.

Why was my comment removed?

There are many reasons this might happen, but here are some of the most common reasons we delete comments. Spamming of any type, be it human or robot-generated, is always deleted. If you’re trying to sell something in comments, you’re a spammer. Trolling is also unacceptable — we delete any comment we feel are disruptive, off-topic or annoying. We also delete comments that are racist, sexist, obscene, or offensive in any way. Personal attacks are also not allowed — whether directed at an editor or another commenter. Finally, we reserve the right to delete any comment at our discretion (please see below). If you create a history of trolling or other offensive behavior, we’ll just ban your account. That means that your username, email, and potentially IP address will be barred from our system, and you’ll no longer be able to comment on SRN.

Isn’t deleting comments censorship?

No. SRN — along with its parent company Bebi Corp — allows comments in order to further discussion of the news we cover, engage our readers, allow them to have a good time and hopefully learn a thing or two. SRN’s commenting sections are NOT public forums where you can say whatever you please, and commenting on SRN is not a right passed down to you in the US Constitution or Star Fleet Regulations. SRN is a news site and a private business. The editorial staff does not delete comments without good reason, but deletions are always at the discretion of the editors. There are thousands of active commenters on SRN, and we try to keep the comment sections a fun, engaging experience for all of its readers.

I’ve found a comment in a post that I find offensive, what can I do?

Let us know, and please don’t engage the offender in the comments. It only makes things worse. You can report an offensive comment by clicking the “Mark as Spam” link on said comment and our moderators will be notified. You can also contact our mods on Twitter @SonyRumors. We do look at all flagged comments and delete where we deem appropriate. Keep in mind, however, that we know who is reporting what comments, and we don’t take kindly to false complaints — doing so will get you on our watchlist, and could lead to being banned.