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Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Gains PS4 Remote Play


If you’ve got a Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet, listen up. A new over-the-air (OTA) firmware update (build number 23.0.1.E.0.208) has just been released for your device which brings with it the typical enhancements and bug fixes. More importantly, though, the latest firmware gives the Xperia Z2 Tablet the ability to utilize PS4 Remote Play. For those not familiar, PS4 Remote Play allows you to connect your device to PS4 and stream the games on your device via local Wi-Fi. Additional details after the jump.

Sony Bullish On Xperia E4 Lineup; Orders 3 Million Units


In the last two weeks and just a week before MWC 2015, we’ve learned about two different budget-friendly smartphones from Sony. The Xperia E4 and Xperia E4g are designed to target emerging markets and those who want a smartphone without all the bells and whistles of a flagship device. Offering features like quad-core processor and 4G LTE, the units provide plenty of bang for their price point which start at £99 (€135 or $154). Keep in mind, that’s the full price of the phone and not tied to a two-year contract. Now according to reports, Sony is quite bullish on its latest offering that could see them finally make some gains in their mobile division.

Sony Xperia E4g Video Preview


After the announcement of the Xperia E4g, Sony is ready to show off their latest budget-friendly Android smartphone with 4G LTE in a new video highlight. The video, which can be found after the jump, showcases and points out some key facts Sony wants you to know about the Xperia E4g.

It’s worth putting this phone in context with the €129 price tag it carries. That price tag is also the cost of outright buying the phone – which is the norm for developing countries, where the phone’s target audience exists. The Sony Xperia E4g video preview awaits you.

Sony Xperia E4g Announced with 4G LTE


On the heels of revealing the Xperia E4, Sony has added a second model to the lineup: the Xperia E4g. As the name would suggest, the Sony Xperia E4 and Xperia E4g share similar core features though there are major differences like screen size between the two models that expend beyond the addition of more wireless connectivity options. As a reminder, the Xperia E4 series is a budget-friendly Android smartphone with a £99 (€135 or $154) price tag.

So what can we expect from the Sony Xperia E4g? Details after the jump.

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Leaked with 2K Screen

Sony_Xperia_Z4_Tablet_Leak_1 Leaked by Sony on the official Xperia Lounge application on Android by accident and quickly pulled, the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet has revealed itself. While not a lot is known about the tablet yet, it appears that it will once again offer a 10-inch screen with 2K (2048 × 1536) resolution. According to the wording on screen, the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet will offer the latest ultra fast processor and industry-leading battery performance.

More details and one more shot after the jump.

Leaked Sony Xperia Z4 Dual Screenshots With Android 5.0 Lollipop

Sony_Xperia_Z4_Dual_Android_5_Leaked_03Set to be released sometime in early 2015, Sony has promised to bring Android 5.0 Lollipop to their entire fleet of Xperia Z devices, including tablets. As it is in Android land, adoption of a new OS tends to be quite slow. Currently Android 4.0 Kitkat (released way back in 2011) sits at 39.7% while Android 5.0 has a measly 1.6% despite being released in June 2014. For comparison, iOS 8 (released in September 2014) enjoys a 72% adoption rate.

Now, thanks to some leaked screenshots, we’re beginning to have a better idea on how Sony views Android 5.0 which includes a much cleaner UI. Best of all, the leaked images appear to be running on the Sony Xperia Z4 Dual, their next flagship Android phone. More images (with higher resolution) after the jump.

Sony Launches New Mid-Term Strategy (2015-2017)

Image: Kazuo Hirai

On Wednesday Sony Corp. unveiled its mid-term strategy update for the period FY2015-FY2017.

Sony is setting “profit generation and investment for growth” as the theme of its mid-range corporate plan from for the next three years. That means that any divisions running losses better run and hide. Sony won’t keep them. The emphasis of language on profit retention and boosting throughout the news release suggests that any endeavors not proving to contribute directly to profit or growth won’t be tolerated. The key focus now above everything else is to boost profit throughout all businesses and the overall message seemed to be aimed particularly at Sony shareholders. This new plan comes into effect from April.

A few main points that Sony announced:

  • That they will be spinning out the Sound and Video units, which will become wholly owned by Sony
  • A plan “to deliver to investors a consolidated Return On Equity (ROE) of more than 10% and a target for consolidated operating profit of more than 500 billion yen for the Sony Group in FY2017″
  • There was not talk of selling the Mobile division, though it is now considered a threat to financial stability and ‘partners are being considered’

Read on for the full details.

Sony SmartEyeglass Video Overview


Have you seen Wall*E? No really, have you? Because it doesn’t end well for humans and if Google and now Sony were to have their way, we’d be getting there faster than any of us had previously thought possible. The Sony SmartEyeglass, the company’s take on Google Glass, was just announced for pre-order to developers. For those unfamiliar, SmartEyeglass provides an augmented reality over the provided glasses (though the final vision would allow for it on your glasses of choice) where information like directions and texts appear on your screen. After the jump, Sony envisions a world where we’re all wearing the SmartEyeglass which will help us navigate the city and stay in touch with our friends while ignoring the world we live in with ease like we’ve never known before.

In the past, thanks to errors in GPS directions, people had famously driven off of bridges and other like obstacles. Lord help us when more people are wearing such devices and blankly following the directions on screen. Plus side, hackers have a lot of fun to look forward to. Video after the jump.

New Firmware (19.1.1.C.1.2) Headed to Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Dual

Sony_Xperia_T2_Ultra_KitKatA quick heads up to owners of the Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Dual (D5322), which isn’t a mouthful of a name at all. There appears to be a new firmware (19.1.1.C.1.2) headed to the 6-inch smartphone phablet which could bring with it Android KitKat 4.4.4. The Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Dual is currently on firmware (19.1.1.C.0.56) which was pushed out in September.

Sony SmartEyeglass Now Available for Pre-order


While Google Glass might be a dead project for the time being, Sony is pushing full steam ahead with their vision of a connected, albeit more robotic, future. Revealed at CES 2015, the Sony SmartEyeglass provides an augmented reality on your glasses like viewing directions, taking pictures, and responding to messages all without ever needing to take your phone out of your pocket. For fans of this type of device, you’ll note that Sony has made some noteworthy improvements on the original design of Google Glass which makes the device far more accessible. Best part is, starting today, you can pre-order the Sony SmartEyeglass in select countries.

More details await you.

Sony Xperia E4 Priced At Just £99?


We’ve covered the Sony Xperia E4 in almost an exhausting nature. After the initial announcement, we dissected the entry smartphone’s specs and showed off the phone via a video highlight video. Though the specs certainly fit the bill for an budget-friendly Android smartphone, albeit with impressive specs, the big unknown has been the price. All the specs in the world won’t mean much if the phone is priced above the market it’s trying to reach, which makes todays news that much more impressive. So let’s talk about price after the jump.

We’re Reviewing the Sony Xperia Z3; We Want Your Questions!


Until such a time when Sony announces another flagship Android smartphone, the Xperia Z3 will be their currently flagship device. Launched in the US in Fall of 2014, the Sony Xperia Z3 packs a major punch with a quad-core processor and a 20-megapixel camera with 4K video wrapped in a water-proof enclosure. From sleek lines to a gorgeous 1080p 5.2-inch display, this Xperia might be one of the best Android phones out there.

Now we’ve finally got our hands on one to review, thanks to our friends at Sony. While we put the Z3 to the test, we want to hear from you. Help shape our review by asking your questions about the Xperia Z3 after the jump.

Sony Xperia E4 Shown Off In a Video Spotlight


By now, we’ve given you an overview of the Sony Xperia E4 and the Xperia E4 tech specs to give you a more in depth look at what powers the entry smartphone. But once you step back from the tech specs and numbers that make the internal core of what a phone is, what are we left with? Do we connect with the device in hand and does it in some way reflect who we are and fit into our lifestyle? After the jump, check out a video spotlight of the Sony Xperia E4 which highlights the phone’s main features while giving you a sense of what type of device it can be.

Sony Xperia E4 Highlights (video)

Sony_Xperia_E4_09Just in case you missed our initial coverage and tech specs on the Sony Xperia E4, Sony has put together a video that nicely wraps them up into a visual spectacle. Ok, it might not be the next great product promo, but the video (which can be found after the jump) does a pretty good job at showing off the Sony Xperia E4 and highlighting some of the main specs of the budget-friendly Android smartphone.

Sony Xperia E4 Specs


While specs don’t make up everything a phone is, they do give us a good window at what a device is capable of and what it can offer to us. Announced yesterday, the Sony Xperia E4 will be a budget friend Android smartphone from Sony. Set to be released later this month, 5-inch displayed unit will launch with Android 4.4.4 and offer a quad-core processor, 1GB RAM and a two-day battery life. After the jump, a more detailed Sony Xperia E4 specs await you.

Sony Xperia E4 Officially Announced With Two-Day Battery Life


Just a day after leaked images of the Sony Xperia E4 emerged, Sony has officially announced the Xperia E4. Feeding on earlier rumors that Sony would attend MWC 2015 without announcing any new products, the entry Android smartphone from Sony will go on sale later this month. For those playing at home, MWC kicks off on March 2nd. So what can we expect from the 5-inch Sony Xperia E4? Details after the jump.

No Sony Press Conference at MWC 2015?


According to a rumor, Sony will not be holding their traditional press conference and accompanying live stream during MWC 2015. Set to take place in Barcelona March 2nd through the 5th, Mobile World Congress is at its heart like CES but with a specific focus on mobile. In the past, Sony has used the event to launch to flagship smartphones and tablets. So what can we expect from the event? Meet us after the jump.