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2015 IFA Sony Mobile Press Conference Time Confirmed


Just a quick follow up. We’d previously learned that just as expected, Sony Mobile would once again take stage at the 2015 IFA which is held in Berlin, Germany to announce what will likely be the Xperia Z5. Though we know some details about the next flagship from Sony, there is still a lot we don’t know and I personally hope that there are a few surprises in store for us. Thanks to a Tweet, we now know the date and time of the press conference.

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra With 200GB Expandable Memory Announced & Priced for India

Sony_Xperia_C5_Ultra_India_Launch_2Teased yesterday, Sony has officially announced the Xperia C5 Ultra, their latest 6-inch phablet for India. Designed as a high-end mid-grade smartphone, the Xperia C5 Ultra has a lot of features going for it besides its youthful color options which are by no accident. Designed to attract a younger consumer, the Xperia C5 Ultra also provides a 13-megapixel front-facing (same megapixels for the rear shooter) with an LED flash so you can get the most out of your selfies.

After the jump, pricing and a few more details on the C5 Ultra.

New Sony Xperia Teased With “Greater Focus”


While we’re still waiting on an exact time, come next week, Sony will be presenting at the 2015 IFA press conference where they will likely unveil their newest flagship smartphone. You might ask yourself “well didn’t the Xperia Z3+/Z4 just come out a few months ago and aren’t some carriers are still waiting on their version to launch like the Xperia Z4v on Verizon?” To that I would reply, “A fine question.” Joking aside, Sony will likely debut the Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 Compact which have already leaked.

Sony is expected to launch an Xperia Z5+ or Ultra model with a 6-inch display though some believe that won’t be coming till later in the year. To tease the upcoming event, Sony has sent out a cryptic tweet and picture which can be found after the jump.

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Launching in India Soon


The Sony Xperia C5 Ultra, the 6-inch phablet with a 13-megapixel front-facing camera that also offers flash will be launching in India soon. We still don’t know a lot of details, like the exact arrival date or price, though the latter is expected to be around Rs. 29,000. What we do know is that come tomorrow, Sony will be revealing a lot more details on their soon-to-be-released phone. The Xperia C5 Ultra has already been priced and dated for Hong Kong and Taiwan.

After the jump, Sony’s announcement with a cute picture that shows off the C5 Ultra’s main draw, the front-facing camera.

Sony Reveals Why 10:35 Appears On All Their Phones, Tablets & Watches


Seen on every marketing shot and promo video from Sony, if it’s a smartphone, tablet, or a watch, chances are that the time displayed on them is 10:35. Case in point, the photo above or the video below.

So what exactly does the 10:35 stand for? Could they be numbers of other candidates that will replace Jacob as protector of the Island and eventually make their way into the Dharma initiative? After the jump, we reveal the meaning.

Android Wear 1.3 Brings Interactive Watch Faces to Sony SmartWatch 3


Available as an OTA update, Android Wear 1.3 (LCA43) is now available for the Sony SmartWatch 3. Revealed a few months ago, this new update brings interactive watch faces which in turn allows for greater interactivity and information from your watch. So what exactly does this mean? Details after the jump, including an animated demo.

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Promotional Photo Leaks


Hot on the heels of what will likely be the Sony Xperia Z5+, we have another leak on our hand. Thanks to what appears to be a promotional photo, we’re able to have our first look at what will likely be the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact.

Some more details after the jump.

Sony SmartBand 2 Video Wants You to Find Balance in Life


Revealed yesterday, the SmartBand 2 is the latest wearable from Sony that takes everything from last year’s model and improves upon it. The most notable addition is the inclusion of a heart rate monitor which, besides being able to track your heart rate (perfect for working out), can also track your moments of calm and excitement.

After the jump, a video from Sony highlighting the SmartBand 2 features and how to best use them.

Sony SmartBand 2 With Advanced Heart Rate Tracking Announced

Rumored and leaked months in advance, the Sony SmartBand 2 with advanced heart rate tracking has officially been announced. Much like its predecessor, the Sony SmartBand 2 is capable of tracking your  movements like walking, running, and sleep. As the name suggests though, this time around, Sony is including a heart rate monitor with some clever uses like tracking your moments of calm and excitement.

More details after the jump.

Sony Brings In Six Wins at 2015 EISA Awards

After winning the EISA 2015-2016 ‘European Multimedia Smartphone Award’ for the Xperia Z3+, Sony has announced an additional 5 devices that have won an award. From Sony

 Sony celebrates as six products across its portfolio have been acknowledged by EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) – the largest editorial multimedia organisation in Europe. A trusted organisation, EISA is renowned for using expertise to analyse and assess a range of products, and therefore Sony’s six awards are indicative of its continued commitment to creating truly innovative products that deliver both style and substance. 

After the jump, the products that brought in the awards for Sony.