Sony Xperia Touch sales begin on June 16th, keeps its ludicrous price


Previously known as the Xperia Projector, the now-named Xperia Touch is set to make its debut on June 16th. In a nutshell, the Xperia Touch can turn any surface into a Android tablet which is pretty neat in theory. Here’s how Sony imagines you’ll be putting it to use.

In a world of Amazon Echo-like products being priced around $299, I’m not sure consumers will see $1,400 worth of extra value here but for those eager to get their hands on one, you’ll be able to do so on June 16th when the $1,699 unit goes on sale. Oh, but seeing how this is Sony, purchasing one can’t be too convenient so sales will be limited to their NYC display room at 25 Madison Ave. Because, you know? You don’t? Yea, me neither. Now if it was priced at $599 with built-in voice and an availability that actually meant something, maybe they had something on their hands.

So there you have it. Expect Sony to sell tens, if not hundreds of these. Great way to justify the R&D and get into the consumer space.