PlayStation Store Update (08-19-14)

Psn-UpdateWelcome to the PlayStation Store update for August 19, 2014. We have a great update this week packed full of new content and sales. PlayStation 4 users can now enjoy the violent mayhem of Hotline Miami (3 Way Cross-Buy), fight for more loot in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition (Also available for PS3), and get lost in the beauty that is The Last Tinker: City of Colors.

Users of all 3 systems can now purchase CounterSpy as part of the 2014 PlayStation PLAY Program.  Tales of Xillia 2 also comes to the PlayStation 3 this week along with Kung Fu Rabbit (See our review here). PlayStation Vita owners can now purchase the quirky Gravity Badgers.

Finally, as you are probably aware PlayStation Plus users now receive all of their free games at the beginning of the month and each week users will enjoy extra discounts on specific games. This week users can enjoy discounts on games like Hotline Miami, The Last Tinker: City of Colors, and Crimsonland.

‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ Went Xbox Timed Exclusive to Answer ‘Uncharted 4′

Rise of the Tomb Raider vs. Uncharted 4

Much has already been written about Rise of the Tomb Raider becoming a timed exclusive on Xbox One. While exclusives or timed exclusives are nothing new to the industry, what made this matter a bit more surprising was that the last iteration of the game which was a reboot of Lara Craft was already multi-platform and rarely do multi-platform games go exclusive unless the studio is purchased by one of the console makers. In fact if you look at global sales of Tomb Raider from 2013, you can see the shocking difference between PlayStation and Xbox owners who purchased the game.

  • PS3 – 2.22 Million
  • 360 – 1.71 Million
  • PS4 – 0.46 million
  • Xbox One – .17

Looking at these numbers, it’s still a head scratcher that Square Enix decided to offer Rise of the Tomb Raider as a timed exclusive on Xbox One but that’s what a truck load of money will do. However, there seems to be another reason that Microsoft wanted the latest Lara Croft adventure on Xbox One and it has nothing to do with snubbing PS4 fans and more to do with fear of Uncharted 4.

PlayStation App to Get a Complete Redesign

PS4_PlayStation_App_iOSThe fact that the PS4 launched with a PlayStation on iOS and Android was a brilliant move by Sony that added a much needed functionality to the PS4. Simply put, typing on PS4 got a whole lot easier and the consoles experience extended beyond the need to be using it in person. You could now chat with friends, shop for games on PSN, and have all be ready by the time you got on your PS4 again. Still, there is no denying that the app itself is extremely basic in design and functionality. Seeing how fluid apps can be today, the PlayStation App mostly reminds me of how PSN was on PS3 when it first launched. Functional, but dated in its design language.

To drive that point home, the app launched on iOS device without support for Retina displays or the iPad which are fairly standard affairs. Sony would eventually update the app for iPad though Retina support is still lacking. Luckily for us, it seems that a redesign is on the way.

Should You Buy ‘Kung Fu Rabbit’ for the PlayStation 3?


Kung Fu Rabbit is a platformer that first premiered on iOS and Android devices in 2012. Since then it has released on the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and most recently on the PlayStation Vita.  Next week it will come to the PlayStation 3 as a digital title.  This title from Neko Entertainment was highly acclaimed and received several awards as a mobile title. Does Kung Fu Rabbit maintain this quality as it jumps to the PlayStation 3? Keep reading to find out!

Sony Explains Why They Don’t Need to Buy Game Exclusivity


One of the biggest announcements to come from GamesCom 2014 was the lack of announcement for Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4. Specifically the fact that the game would arrive exclusively on Xbox One. With the Tomb Raider reboot having arrived on both consoles previously, the fact that Square-Enix would sign an exclusive deal with Microsoft and the Xbox One which are behind in sales made little sense to gamers. Especially after Square-Enix had previously revealed that the original Tomb Raider reboot needed to sell 6 million units to become profitable. Cutting your audience base in (more than) half made little sense which meant that Microsoft had to be cutting quite a large check to Square.

Thankfully for gamers, we’ve since learned that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be a timed exclusive on Xbox One though the specifics of the length have yet to be revealed. So why didn’t Sony try to negotiate their own exclusivity for the game and for that matter, why is it that games only trend to go exclusive on Xbox? After the jump, PlayStation Europe President Jim Ryan (pictured above) explains.

Share Play for the PlayStation 4 – Everything We Know So Far

PS4_Share_PlayYesterday during their press conference at Gamescom 2014, Sony announced the next big update for the PlayStation 4 in Firmware 2.0. One of the biggest features to be included in the new firmware is Share Play. Touted as a ‘virtual couch’, Share Play will take the social features already ingrained into the PlayStation 4 to the next logical step. Up until this point it has only been possible to share your gaming experience via streaming, clips and screenshots, but now with Share Play it will now be possible to invite a friend to join you in playing a game cooperatively even if they do not own it. 

‘P.T.’ Demo Revealed At Sony Gamescom Show Is More Than Meets The Eye

P.T. Gamescom

New Silent Hill game from Kojima, Del Toro and starring Norman Reedus

Warning: if you’re easily scared, you may just want to read the sub-headline of this story and turn around. Which is probably what I should’ve done, but I’m going to muster through. At yesterday’s Sony Gamescom press conference, a trailer was released for a project called P.T. from a developer called 7780s Studio. The trailer revealed that the “world’s first interactive teaser” would be available only on PlayStation; you can see the teaser here:


After the break, find out just what P.T. really is… if you dare.

Some PlayStation Now Rentals Drop to $1.99 for 4 hrs, $9.99 for 90 Days

PlayStation Now LogoAs Sony has said time and time again, PlayStation Now is a beta. That beta tag extends beyond the technological aspect like server tweaks and games offered to the business model that surrounds the gaming rental initiative. Despite my argument that a 4-hour rental that’s priced between $2.99 to $4.99 with a majority of titles leaning towards the $2.99 range is a good deal, many of you disagreed with my sentiment. Now, Sony is tweaking its pricing initiative with certain titles starting at $1.99 for a 4-hour rental.

After the jump, we have a list of the updated titles.

Meet ‘Rime’ – The Exclusive PS4 Cute Cel-Shaded Adventure Platform Puzzler


Shown at GamesCom, Rime is a PlayStation 4 exclusive adventure platform puzzler by Tequila Works. Taking a cue from similar titles like Ico, Rime takes place on an island  where “a boy wakes on the shore to find he’s lost, with only the island and the animals to accompany him.

While not a lot is known about the game at this time, if the trailer after the jump is any indication, we’re in for a treat. After the jump, the trailer and a few more details await you.

PlayStation Store Update (08-12-14)

Psn-UpdateWelcome to the PlayStation Store update for August 12, 2014. We have a great update this week packed full of new content and sales. PlayStation 4 users can now purchase a the popular title Surgeon Simulator Anniversay Edition.

Users of all 3 systems can now purchase the unique  Hohokum as part of the 2014 PlayStation PLAY Program.  Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed are now available for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita while Disgaea 4: A Promis Revisited is available to users of PlayStation Vita.

Finally, as you are probably aware PlayStation Plus users now receive all of their free games at the beginning of the month and each week users will enjoy extra discounts on specific games. This week there is a pretty large sale on titles relating to Anime games/movies and PlayStation Plus users enjoy even bigger discounts.

PS4 Firmware 2.0 Gets Detailed


One of the big announcements for you software junkies was PS4 firmware 2.0 that will be coming this fall. What Sony has yet to reveal all the details about the upcoming firmware update, as the numbering scheme suggests, it will be an extensive one. Looking to expand on the already highly capable social features of the PS4, with firmware 2.0, gamers will be able to upload videos directly to YouTube. This also means that PS4 will finally get a native YouTube app, great for thus who want to just watch some Epic Rap Battles of History. After the jump, we talk about Share Play and enhancements to the ‘What’s New’ section.

Poll: What Did You Think of Sony’s Gamescom Event?

Sony_GamescomFresh off the starting line, Sony just finished the livestream of their Gamescom 2014 event on Twitch. So… what did you think? Share your answer in our poll!

PS4 Passes 10 Million Units Sold in 9 Months

PS4_FireworksBesides The Last of Us Remastered and a few indie titles, the summer has been fairly quite for the powerful PS4. However, that’s not stopping Sony from passing new milestones with the PS4 passing the 10 million units sold in just 9 months. To put that into perspective, that means in the past 3 months, Sony has sold 3 million units as they crossed the 7 million units mark in late April. With a slew of games coming out over the next few months which include Destiny and DriveClub, the PS4 is poised to have a stellar holiday ahead.