Powers: Season 2 Confirmed


Sony has some big plans for PlayStation Plus in 2016. Among them, the company wants to expand online multiplayer titles while also strengthening original contents like Powers. More and more, we’re seeing original content created by your none traditional companies like Netflix, Amazon, and now PlayStation. As the traditional cable model begins to fall, it’s becoming more important than ever for platforms to have shows unique to them in order to draw people in. While Netflix is good, it’s great when you consider you have shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Sense8 to name a few.

Though new at it, Sony is looking to do the same thing with PlayStation which is good news for fans of Powers. More details after the jump.

Fox Soccer Plus Comes to PlayStation Vue as Standalone Channel, Discount for PS+


PlayStation Vue, the cloud streaming TV service from Sony, continues to grow. Expanding both the devices it’s available on and the cities it’s offered in, PS Vue is gaining yet another unique option as we move towards a future of a la carte TV. Like Showtime, you can now subscribe to Fox Soccer Plus as a standalone channel with no requirement for one of the three bundles offered.

Details after the jump.

Darth Vader DualShock 4 Will Not Be Sold Separately


You know that limited edition and exclusive Darth Vader PS4 that’s will be available on November 17th with four classic Star Wars games? Besides featuring a 500GB PS4 with an image of Darth Vader, the PS4 bundle also comes with a unique Dualshock 4 controller that takes its design aesthetics from the Sith lords chest plate. This begs the question, if you already own a PS4, can you purchase the Dualshock 4 separately?

PlayStation VR Gets Vague Price Point & Title Release Number

Project Morpheus

As we get closer to the release of Project Morpheus PlayStation VR, we’re beginning to have a clearer vision of what we can expect. Set to be released in the first half of 2016, there is still a lot we don’t know about it like specifics on price point, or titles that will come with the new console. I say new console because when speaking about it to Bloomberg, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House has started to set expectations for PS VR and it likely won’t be cheap.

Details after the jump.

You Can Get DriveClub & a Season Pass for Under $30

DriveClub_Lower_PriceIf you’re going to get one PS4 game and a DLC this week, it should be Destiny: The Taken King but if you were to get two games, the choice is clear. Evolution Studios has just cut the price of DriveClub and its Season Pass in half. Despite a rocky launch, DriveClub has turned into a crowd pleaser with beautiful visuals and a extremely robust online system to go along with it.

Now both can be had for under $30. Details after the jump.

PSA: Destiny 2.0 Is Now Live, Requires 18GB on PS4


As promised, Destiny 2.0 is now live for all Guardians on PlayStation. That means those playing Destiny on PS3 or PS4 will be booted from their gameplay in order for the mandatory update to be downloaded and installed. Preparing the game for the massive The Taken King DLC, Destiny 2.0 will bring with it it a lot of changes, including the removal of two features that you should be aware of. It’s worth noting that Destiny 2.0 takes up a ton of space on PS4 and even more on PS3. Those details after the jump.

Destiny 2.0 Will Remove 2 Features That You Should Be Aware Of


We’ve already outlines the massive amount of changes that will come with Destiny 2.0 which will be released for free sometime this upcoming week. While we’re getting a lot of additional goodies like higher level caps and slots for bounties, two features will be going away as Bungie prepares for a new world when The Taken King arrives. After the jump, we reveal what they are.

Destiny 2.0 Details Reveal Some Massive Changes


Prior to the release of The Taken King which launches on September 15th, Bungie will release Destiny 2.0 that will bring with it some massive changes to their now one year old world. With Destiny 2.0, Bungie is also preparing the game for The Taken King which promises to rework a lot of the games function as well as bring a massive amount of new content. Some tweaks with the latest update include increasing the level cap to 40, bounty slots increasing to 16, and a new quest screen.

After the jump, the full changes that will come with Destiny 2.o.

Sony Walkman ‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’ Edition Revealed


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has just been released and is set to do big business for Sony. Having once been a PlayStation exclusive franchise, The Phantom Pain is the last entry under mastermind Hideo Kojima. In many parts of the world, especially Asia, PS3 and PS4 are the only way to experience the game where PlayStation sales and mindshare dominates Xbox. To help drum up further attention and excitement over MGS5, Sony is releasing two limited edition Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Walkmans upon the world. This is on top of the already released Xperia J1 Compact MGS5 edition.

Details after the jump.

Despite Drama, Hideo Kojima Vows to “Keep Creating”


If you’ve been paying attention to the gaming sector this past year, you’ll note a little bit of drama between legendary game developer Hideo Kojima and his long time publisher, Konami. Once inseparable, the two will see each other part ways after the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Kojima and Konami have already had a very public falling out with Konami performing petty things such as removing the creators name from websites and content having to do with Metal Gear.

With already a high cinematic flair, many wondered what Kojima would do after MGS5 is released. His comments after the jump.