PlayStation Vita: Difference Between YouTube on Browser vs. Now Defunct App


It was revealed yesterday that the PlayStation Vita would soon have a few less apps for you to choose from and use. Specifically, Maps, Near, and YouTube will be phased out in the next few months. Alongside those apps, Sony also announced the end of Music Unlimited, their music streaming app, on all platforms. While Maps and Near won’t have a replacement on the PlayStation Vita (click here to see why their disappearance from the Vita isn’t really a big deal), YouTube will surely be missed. Luckily, Vita owners will still be able to visit YouTube via the Vita browser, but there are some differences in functionality.

After the jump, we give you the break down of YouTube on Vita’s web browser vs. the app.

Secret PS4 Title to be Announced by Square Enix

Sony make.believe logo - white

Please be excited for the Square Enix Tokaigi stage event on January 31. No really, you might want to be. Earlier this week, Square Enix teased a top secret title which by the looks of it is a PS4 exclusive. ‘Tokaigi: Game Party Japan’ nearest I can tell is a two day conference similar PAX. The conference will host several live tournaments, stage events, cosplayers, and a show floor. This year it will be held at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall. Simply titled Project Code Z, the teaser site features a simple black background and shifting logo along with a reveal date and a Twitter account. Set to be revealed during their stage event, one wonders what type of game it will be.

How to Fix the ‘Grim Fandango’ Pre-order Issue on PS4


If you’re at all having problems with your Grim Fandango pre-order on PS4, know that you’re not alone. Luckily Sony is aware of the problem has a fix in place that will let you download Grim Fandango with just a few simple clicks on your PlayStation 4. If you’re part of those experiencing any issues with your download, we have the step-by-step instructions for you after the jump.

Sony’s ‘Music Unlimited’ Reaches End of Line


Likely in an effort to streamline their internal operations and cut where the feature usage does not warrant the costs, Sony has announced that it’s killing its Music Unlimited program. Previously dubbed as Qriocity when it launched in 2010, the streaming service looked to tackle iTunes and other similar services like Pandora and Spotify by allowing users to stream music for a monthly fee. Come March 29th, 2015, Music Unlimited will reach end of line in the 19 countries it operates in. More details after the jump.

Maps, Near Feature, and YouTube Come to an End on PlayStation Vita

PS_Vita_NearAs we tweeted late last night, Sony is ending support for Maps, Near, and YouTube on the PlayStation Vita. According to Sony, the YouTube app on Vita will no longer be supported come April 20th though the app itself is being pulled from the store today (January 28th). For those who live on YouTube, fear not as you’ll still be able to turn to YouTube via the Vita browser by visiting ( There you will be able to access your YouTube content, such as playlists and channels.

As for Maps and Near, those are also coming to an end sometime in March, when a mandatory software update will pull the features from the Vita. Unlike YouTube, there will be no replacement for those apps. While always disappointing to hear about a loss of features, it makes perfect sense for Sony to pull the latter two though YouTube is a bit more perplexing. Let’s talk why after the jump.

PlayStation Store Update (01-27-15)


Welcome to the PlayStation Store update for January 27, 2015. We have a great update this week packed full of new content and sales. PlayStation 4 users now can get to killing zombies in the highly anticipated Dying Light.

PlayStation 3 users now now enjoy Madden NFL 15 Super Bowl Edition (also available for PS4) just in time for the big game on Sunday. PlayStation Vita users now have access to the updated version of the classic Grim Fandango Remastered (Cross buy with PS4). There is also a very large sale this week which includes games for all 3 platforms.

Finally, as you are probably aware PlayStation Plus users now receive all of their free games at the beginning of the month and then are given discounts on extra content the rest of the month. 

‘Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’ Update 2.5 Trailer Will Make FF Fans Drool

FF14_Befoere_The_FallFinal Fantasy XIV may have had a rocky launch when it was released a few years ago but that’s nothing but a distant and faded memory now. Released for well over a year, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has shaped to be a stellar MMORPG that was able to correct the errors of FF14 and effectively reboot the tale on PC, PS3, and PS4. Now Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn update 2.5 looks to finish out the story arc introduced in update 2.0 in an epic fashion that screams Final Fantasy.

Square Enix will release this saga in increments, starting with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Update 2.5 Part I which went live on January 20th. Then sometime in late February, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Update 2.51 will become available, bringing with it the Golden Saucer (yes that one) that appropriately includes mini games like Triple Triad, Cactuars, and Chocobo racing. Finally Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Update 2.5 Part II, which includes the ‘Keeper of the Lake’ dungeon, will make its debut sometime in late March.

After the jump, an epic 10 minute trailer awaits you which I highly recommend watching. Also recommended is a credit card in hard as you’ll surely be buying this game after watching the trailer.

PS4 Slim Photos LEAKED?

PS4 slimBoth tech giants Sony and Microsoft have had rumors circulating regarding slimmer models but recently some photos have been leaked showing the PS4 slim. Continue reading to check out all the leaked images of this beautiful machine. 

The Elder Scrolls Online Goes Free-To-Play & ESO Plus

Free to playThe Elder Scrolls Online game which was released April 4, 2014 hasn’t been out for nearly a year and now we are seeing a shift in how gamers will pay for this game. What has made Bethesda go for this Free-To-Play model and what does this mean for you the gamer? What about ESO Plus? What features will the paid subscription bring in comparison to the Free-to-Play model? (Read more to find out! and watch the last trailer in Bethesda’s 4 part series here!)

PlayStation Store Update (01-20-15)


Welcome to the PlayStation Store update for January 20, 2015. We have a great update this week packed full of new content and sales. PlayStation 4 users can now take advantage of  the updated version of Saints Row IV Re-Elected, the intriguing Ironclad Tactics, and Motorcyle Club (also available on PlayStation 3).

PlayStation 3 users now have access to an updated version of the original survival horror game Resident Evil along with Best of Arcade Games (also available for Vita). PlayStation Vita users now have access to the fantastic, Atlus published RPG  Citizens of Earth (also available on PlayStation 4). There is also a very large sale this week which includes games for all 3 platforms along with classics from the PSP, PS1, and PS2 library.

Finally, as you are probably aware PlayStation Plus users now receive all of their free games at the beginning of the month and then are given discounts on extra content the rest of the month. PlayStation Plus users get discounts on Citizens of Earth and Ironclad Tactics.

Nyko Expands PS4′s Storage and Typing Capabilities


The future is now at this past Consumer Electronics Show, the place to be if you want to see what new gizmos companies will want you to buy. While normally CES is all about TVs and smart phones there’s been some interesting announcements for gamers as well. This was the place where a year ago Steam Machines and PlayStation Now were announced. This year PlayStation Now subscription services and PlayStation Vue were announced. What is also interesting are the third party announcements like the ones from Nyko.

‘PlayStation Now’ Heads To Samsung TVs


One of the oddest things to see at CES 2015 was PlayStation Now running on Samsung televisions. For those unfamiliar, PlayStation Now is the gaming streaming app from Sony where you can play PS3 games without needing a console by either renting or subscribing to the service. Already available on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita, PlayStation Now continues to grow on the variety of platforms it’s offered on. Just at CES, Sony announced their new lineup of Blu-ray players which support PlayStation Now. Think about it, a Blu-ray player that not only plays your physical media like DVD/Blu-ray, but one that can stream from many services including Netflix, Hulu, and now game via PlayStation Now.

While bringing the service to the 2015 line of Sony 4K and HD televisions seems like a no brainer and one that Sony has done, coming to Samsung televisions is an entirely different thing.

The Order 1886 Trailer Shows Promise + Pre-Order Bonuses

The Order 1886 Pre Order Bonuses

Sony has posted a new trailer showing off the goodies we shall receive for pre-ordering The Order: 1886, the exclusive PS4 title. While I won’t spoil any of the goods quite yet (you’ll have to hit the jump for those details, including the trailer), let’s just say these are some pretty awesome pre-order bonuses! 

Why the 2015 Sony Blu-ray Players Are A Big Deal


At this point, we take Blu-ray players for granted. While 10 years ago when they launched (which is crazy to think about), they were all the craze and came with some hefty price tags, the market is now all but saturated with units starting around $30. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t models with considerably more features which equally command a larger price tag. Instead, it’s that we take the technology and what it offers for granted. Because of that, we tend not to cover them, as nothing exciting has happened with Blu-ray players other than the addition of 3D playback and 3D conversion a few years back.

CES 2015 changed all that when Sony introduced a series of new Blu-ray players that are not only worthy of your attention, but potentially your hard earned dollars as well. After the jump, we reveal what these new Sony Blu-ray players are kind of a big deal.

Mandatory PlayStation Vita Firmware Update 3.36 Now Available

PS_Vita_Firmware_3_36If you’ve got a PlayStation Vita and want to take advantage of the PlayStation 20th Anniversary sale which features some ridiculously good deals then listen up. Sony has pushed out a mandatory PlayStation Vita firmware that’s required before being able to access the PlayStation Network. As of right now, it’s unclear what the PlayStation Vita firmware update 3.36 brings with it as Sony has yet to update their support site. Luckily the update weighs in at 124MB, making it an easy ordeal to download and install.

Ex-Naughty Dog Employee Hinting at Last of Us 2?


JuanLatino, A user on NeoGaf took a screenshot of a Ex-Naughty Dog developer’s Linkedin account  on there is the hint of The Last of Us 2. If you access the developer Michael Knowland’s Linkedin now the information has since been removed. Though it really gets one thinking about where the series will go next. Though there hasn’t been any official statements made by Sony in regards of the legitimacy of this so take it with a grain of salt. The image below shows the previous experience before it was changed.


PlayStation 20th Anniversary Sale!

20th anniversary sale

Sony is celebrating 20 EPIC years of gaming with a huge PlayStation 20th Anniversary sales which gives users 75% off on the following games read for more!