Plex Comes to PS3 and PS4, Brings With It Media Streaming


Your Christmas wishes may have just been answered early. Plex, the company behind the streaming server software for Mac and PC is finally bringing their app to PS3 and PS4. For those unfamiliar, Plex allows you to stream movies, TV shows, pictures, and music from your home computer to a number of devices which now include the PlayStation family. Once the free app is downloaded on your computer and PlayStation, little stands in the way of you streaming. Best of all, Plex handles all codecs on the computer, requiring little support from PS3 or PS4, including MKV files.

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Square Enix Wants To Bring Other Past Final Fantasy Titles to PS4


In case you’d missed it, recently Square Enix announced plans to bring Final Fantasy VII to PS4. While you’d been able to play FF7 on PS3 and PS Vita, the digital downloads were exact ports of the classic PlayStation One game. This time around, Square Enix would be bringing a remastered version of the game to PS4 though it’s not what you’d think. Instead, the game is a port of the PC version of Final Fantasy VII which had some slightly improved visuals. Shortly after the announcement of bringing FF7 to PS4, Square Enix announced that the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD would also make its way to PS4. Final Fantasy X/X-2 was released on PS3 with remastered graphics, bringing with it much improved graphics.

If that wasn’t enough, Square wants to bring even more past Final Fantasy entries to the PS4.

Jim Piddock (Major Zero) Joins David Hayter Among Those Not Returning to ‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’


The entire Metal Gear fancies was pretty upset when Konami revealed that David Hayter, long time voice actor and proponent of the MGS franchise would not be returning for future entries, including the now released Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. It’s never been clear why Konami replaced Hayter though many had assumed it was due to budgeting concerns. With Hayter having reprised his roll for more than 10 entries, the decision was always baffling and even more jarring when it was revealed that Kiefer Sutherland would replace the fan favorite, considering he himself doesn’t carry a cheap price tag.

Now fans have one less character to look forward to and Jim Piddock, aka Major Zero has revealed that he too will not be coming back when Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is released in 2015. Details after the jump.

PS4 to Launch in China and Cost Considerably Less Than Xbox One


In almost every territory, PlayStation 4 sales have been dominating Xbox One. One reason for this has been price; the Xbox One launched at $100 more, thanks to the included Kinect. Once Microsoft disconnected the mostly unwanted add-on which in turn brought down the price to that of the PS4′s ($399), things began to shift for Microsoft. Since that time, Microsoft has done another price drop, making the Xbox One $349 – though this appears to be for the holiday season only. Now, Sony is looking to take on Microsoft in the one territory they are ahead in, China.

So why is Xbox One ahead in China and how is Sony looking to combat them? All that after the jump.

PlayStation Home “Was a Massive Success”


PlayStation Home has always been an odd feature on PS3. Partially an answer to Second-Life, the virtual world offered gamers a place to hangout, socialize, experience events, and new types of games. From avatars, to custom and decked out homes, PlayStation Home was the party to attend if it was your thing. While not a selling feature of the PS3, many gamers enjoyed the extended worlds from Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, and Resistance which offered new places to explore and mini games to play for free. As the PS3 approaches year nine, the service will also bow out on March 31, 2015 and according to PlayStation’s former Home Architect Oscar Clark, it was a ‘massive success.

After the jump, we have his full thoughts.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Gameplay Video (1080p)


All I can say is, experience Uncharted 4 in real-time running at 1080p and a stable 30hz. Shown during the PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas, the gameplay video is directly captured off of PS4 and was played live for the audience as evident half way through (won’t spoil). After the jump, the 15-minute of awe-inspiring Uncharted 4 footage.

PlayStation 4 System Software Update 2.03 Now Out

PS4_Firmware_203Have you heard the exciting PlayStation news today? No, not the 20th PlayStation anniversary PS4 edition. There is a new PlayStation 4 System Software Update 2.03 out! That’s right, a brand new firmware update awaits your PS4 and as the numbering suggests, it’s a minor one with little to no obvious changes for most users. After the jump, the details.

‘Destiny: The Dark Below’ Exclusive PS3 & PS4 Content Detailed


PlayStation fans are in for an extra treat when the Destiny: The Dark Below expansion goes live next week. Set to debut on the 9th, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners will get exclusive content which will likely last until Fall 2015 before arriving on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. After the jump, we have the details on the exclusive content Playstation owners can expect with Destiny: The Dark Below.

Bungie Brings Major Changes to Destiny’s Exotic Weapons


Listen up you hardcore Destiny players, as this news probably affects you the most. Bungie has announced some major changes to Destiny’s exotic weapons. Specifically, they’re tweaking the power each weapon wields.

 Exotic Weapons are designed to look, feel, and sound overpowered. At the same time, they are not supposed to break the balance of the game. We hope these weapons challenge the way players think about their loadouts. Exotics will be a constant work in progress! 

Besides changing exotic weapons, there is a whole host of upgrades ranging from server side bug fixes to to ammo inventory, and crafting. After the jump, the full details await.

PlayStation Store Update (11-25-14)


Welcome to the PlayStation Store update for November 25, 2014. We have a great update this week packed full of new content and sales. PlayStation 4 users can now journey back to Prohibition in the unique Speakeasy and finally enjoy the immensely popular Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions (also available for PS3).

PlayStation 3 users now have access to the latest release from TellTales Games Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1- Zero Sum (also available for PS4)PlayStation Vita users get Pocket RPG and everyone on the network can take advantage of a sale on Co-op games.

Finally, as you are probably aware PlayStation Plus users now receive all of their free games at the beginning of the month and then are given discounts on extra content the rest of the month. This week PlayStation Plus users receive an extra discounts on cooperative games.

Sony to Focus More on PlayStation, Less on Televisions and Mobile


It’s no secret that Sony has been struggling for nearly a decade. Thanks to mismanagement and miscalculations, Sony was unable to capitalize on the transition to LCD televisions and was equally late to mobile. In their most recent earnings guidance, Sony predicts that come March, the company’s mobile division will mount a $1.7 billion loss for the year. With television sales having reached a saturation point and 4K television sales though healthy, not enough to make up for an otherwise sluggish division, Sony knows that it can’t rely on mobile which was to be one of the three pillars that would help turn around the company. When even Samsung has seen their mobile division fall apart with sales declining by nearly 60% laster quarter, what can Sony do to compete and even thrive?

One word it seems. PlayStation.

PS3 System Software Update 4.66 Now Out, Is Mandatory

PS3_System_Update_4_66Paging all PS3 owners. Sony has a new firmware update out which requires an install before you jump back online to game. The PS3 System Software Update 4.66 is an all-new and mandatory firmware update that comes in at just around 200MB. As it is with minor updates, Sony claims the ever-elusive:

 System software stability during use of some features has been improved. 

To check the version of your system software, go to Settings (Settings) > System Update (System Settings) > [System Information].

Sony ‘Roof’ Ad Shows PS4, Xperia Z3, PS4, Xperia Z3, PS4….


In a somewhat surprising manner, Sony has rolled out a second ad this week in the US. Dubbed Roof, the clever and extremely simply ad shows off the Remote Play feature between the PS4 and Xperia Z3. Sony ran a similar ad in Europe earlier in the month which highlighted the same features between Xperia devices and PS4. Besides highlighting the PS4, Sony is hoping to garner attention for its flagship Xperia Z3 smartphone which for the first time in the US has carrier support from T-Mobile and Verizon.

In the past, Sony’s smartphone strategy had lacked carrier support in the US, leading to marginal sales and a nearly zero percent marketshare. After the jump, the Sony Roof ad awaits you.

PlayStation Store Update (11-18-14)


Welcome to the PlayStation Store update for November 18, 2014. We have a great update this week packed full of new content and sales. PlayStation 4 users can now jump into the widely popular Grand Theft Auto V, the unique Never Alone, and join Sackboy and friends for his latest adventure in LittleBigPlanet 3 (also available on PS3) .

PlayStation 3 users now have access to the two new highly anticipated titles (both of which are also available for PS4): Dragon Age: Inquisition and Far Cry 4. PlayStation Vita owners also get into the Sackboy fun with LittleBigPlanet Vita Marvel Edition.

Finally, as you are probably aware PlayStation Plus users now receive all of their free games at the beginning of the month and then are given discounts on extra content the rest of the month. This week PlayStation Plus users receive an extra discount on Never Alone and Draw Slasher.

Sony Shows Clever Ad Highlighting PS4 Remote Play to Xperia Z3 Devices


With PS4 Remote Play now available on Sony’s Xperia Z3 line which includes their flagship Xperia Z3 smartphone, the Xperia Z3 Compact, and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, the company is looking to promote the feature via a new clever ad. For those not familiar, PS4 Remote Play on Xperia Z3 devices allows you to stream PS4 titles directly to your mobile device with no loss in functionality. This means you can get the full PS4 experience from earning trophies to online multiplayer right on your mobile screen. To show off the new functionality, Sony has a clever new ad which can be seen after the jump.

Sony Xperia Z3 Series Gains ‘PS4 Remote Play’ App via Google Play

Remote Play DualShock MountOne of the exciting features of the Sony Xperia Z3 line which includes the Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact, and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact is its ability to connect to PlayStation 4. Via the PS4 Remote Play app, users with the Sony’s Xperia Z3 line can stream games from the leading console directly to their mobile device and use a Dualshock 4 controller to play the game as if they were on the PS4. Once linked, gamers will have full control of the game with no dumbed-down experience. That means you can enjoy everything from multiplayer to earning trophies directly on your Xperia Z3 device.

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PlayStation 4 System Software Update 2.02 Now Available

PS4_System_Software_Update_2_02For those playing at home, PlayStation 4 System Software Update 2.02 is the second update to be released in the past week from Sony. Since firmware 2.0 launched, different bugs have popped up on the PS4 like the inability to wake up your console from Rest Mode. Minor in size, Sony is hoping that the latest firmware update helps quell all issues. As you’d expect with such updates, no new features are found and instead it’s meant to address ‘software stability’ on PS4.