Bungie Releases Destiny Patch 1.03


Bungie has always stated that Destiny will be a world that will continue to evolve over the years. While Destiny patch 1.03 isn’t a groundbreaking patch, it shows Bungie’s commitment and releasing patches on a regular basis helps address any issues that take place within the just released game. Weighing in at 296MB on PS4, Community Manager Deej had this to say about Destiny patch 1.03:

‘Destiny’ Sets Early PS4 Sales Records


If you haven’t been paying attention, Bungie’s first post-Halo game, Destiny, is kind of a big deal. Aside from being the only way to pick up the brand-new Glacier White PS4 if you’re in the US, Destiny has been one of the most-hyped games of the current generation. Sony in particular has banked heavily on the first-person shooter/RPG’s success, going so far as to consider it akin to a first-party release. A week into launch, Destiny has received okay reviews around the web, but what really matters is sales — and those figures have Activision, Bungie, and Sony very happy.

‘DriveClub’ to Offer One Free Car a Month Till June 2015


With DriveClub approaching its October 8th release date, we’re learning more and more about the driving simulator. One such revelation was the game’s modest 17GB install size for those opting for digital download. Better yet, the game can be played as soon as 3.5GB have been downloaded while the rest of the game continues to download in the background. Best of all, to help support the game for some time to come, Evolution Studios will be releasing one free car a month between October 2014 and June 2015.

Looking for more free content? Evolution Studios has you covered.

Poll: How Was Your First Week With ‘Destiny?’

Destiny Character ClassesDestiny’s popularity was unprecedented at launch. But what do you think of it now that you’ve been playing it for a week? Let us know in our poll below!

DriveClub Pegged at 17GB, Can Start Playing After 3.5GB Installed


DriveClub is revving up to be (yes, I had to) a big and very important release for Sony. Delayed by nearly a year, DriveClub is built around the promise of what the PS4 can offer. The game features partial access for PlayStation Plus members, social aspects that tie expand beyond your PSN friends, and downloadable segments which allow you to play the game while installing. Game Director Paul Rustchynsky has been on a mission lately to reveal more details about the driving simulator as it approaches its October 8th release date.

While the game will be available on Blu-ray, Sony is also pushing big for digital downloads. In fact, PlayStation Plus members will get the game with less tracks and cars for free. Those looking to full download the game will be pleased at the games modest 17GB size. Even better, the game can be played as soon as 3.5GB are installed while additional content is downloaded in the background. Those opting for the Blu-ray version should also note a minor initial install is required though Rustchynsky promises you’ll be in the game in 60 seconds.

 To actually start playing DriveClub you only need to download the first ~3.5GB, so you can play whilst the rest downloads in the background. For those of you installing the game disc, [It] takes about 60 seconds before you can start to play for initial install. 

After the jump, we have more tidbits about anticipated racing sim.

Sony Sees ‘Destiny’ as a “First-Party Release”


Destiny is shaping up to be one of the biggest games of the year, thanks in part to the excellent feedback from the exclusive PlayStation alpha and the broader beta that followed which only raised the hype and awareness for the massive FPS. Long before such announcements were made public, Sony and Bungie, along with publisher Activision, struck a deal that would see exclusive content come to the world of Destiny on PS4. In addition to extra content and early Alpha access, both parties agreed that only Sony could advertisement and promote Destiny (along with Activision) and that Microsoft could play no roll in matters.

Though the PS4 is enjoying massive success and lead on the Xbox One, Destiny can and will likely be one of those games that will get gamers to move from PS3/360 to next gen consoles so it’s no surprise that Sony would want to capitalize on that as much as possible. One way they hope to achieve this is by treating Destiny as if it was a “first-party release.” More on that after the jump.

Sony to Shut Down PSN on PSP


PSP users in European and PAL regions regions are in for a dose of hard reality. The now 10-year-old portable from Sony will be losing access to the PlayStation Network come September 15th. According to Sony, PSP users will still be able to download titles from Sony Entertainment Network Online Store as well as redownload past purchases from the PSP download list. The official statement from Sony can be found after the jump.

PlayStation Store Update (09-09-14)


Welcome to the PlayStation Store update for September 9, 2014. We have a great update this week packed full of new content and sales. PlayStation 4 users (along with PlayStation 3) can now enjoy Destiny which is one of the most anticipated titles this Fall. Hockey also returns to consoles in NHL 15 for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Beyond these two heavy hitters the update this week is pretty light. There is a fairly extensive sale for titles in the Grand Theft Auto saga as well as the Just Dance series.

Finally, as you are probably aware PlayStation Plus users now receive all of their free games at the beginning of the month and then receive extra discounts as the month progresses. Discounts this week include 6 dollars off of a pre-order for The Evil Within for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Bungie Reveals Day One Destiny 1.01 Patch


In just under 12 hours (and even less for those on the East Coast), Bungie’s highly-anticipated Destiny will be released simultaneously on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The unprecedented launch is expected to serve up millions of games in the first 24 hours from the mega sci-fi fantasy that’s expected to be part of a 10 year journey. To help ensure the smoothest experience possible, Bungie will be releasing a Destiny day one patch that contains a number of changes. According to Bungie, the Destiny 1.01 patch will bring with it tweaks to”Weapons, Builds, Talents, Maps, Activities, Achievements, Progression, game stability and UI.’

After the jump, the full details of the Destiny 1.01 patch.

Poll: Will You Be Purchasing ‘Destiny?’


Bungie’s newest title, Destiny, will be released on Tuesday, September 9th. Many PlayStation users are chomping at the bit for this game, especially after the Alpha and Beta went over so well. What are your thoughts? Let us know in our poll below!

Sony Shows Off PS4 and PS Vita Remote Play in New “Perfect Gaming Partners” Spot

Despite popular belief, the PS Vita enjoys an ever expanding library of games, most recently thanks to the indie community. This list is further enlarged if we take PSP and PSone games which can be downloaded for the Vita into account. With the PS4 garnering so much success, it’s easy to see why Sony has shifted its focus away from the PS Vita, but we can’t help but think there is so much potential in the powerful portable. For its part, Sony has always been vocal that they continue to see the PS Vita as a vibrant part of the PlayStation family. To that end, Sony has released a new ‘perfect gaming partners’ spot for the PS Vita that depicts the console’s close tie to the PS4 thanks to Remote Play.

IFA 2014: PS4 Remote Play Coming To Xperia Z3, Compact, Tablet

At Sony’s IFA 2014 event, the new line of Xperia smartphones and tablets, the Z3 line, was officially revealed. Along with the usual upgrades and refinements, Sony announced the Z3, Z3 Compact, and Z3 Tablet would be the first Sony Mobile devices to feature the ability to use PlayStation 4 Remote Play streaming.

PlayStation Store Update (09-02-14)

Psn-UpdateWelcome to the PlayStation Store update for September 2, 2014. We have a great update this week packed full of new content and sales. PlayStation 4 users can now purchase Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (also available for PS3 and Vita) and the much anticipated Velocity 2X (also available for Vita).  

PlayStation 3 users now have access to Deathmatch Village and the Epic Adventures Bundle. There is a lot of love for the PlayStation Vita this week as users finally have access to Don’t Starve: Giant EditionJoe Danger, and the fantastic Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (See our Review Here).

Finally, as you are probably aware PlayStation Plus users now receive all of their free games at the beginning of the month and the free titles this month include Velocity 2X (PS4/PS Vita), Sportsfriends (PS4/PS3), and TxK (PS Vita). Keep reading to see a complete list of the updates for the store this month!

PlayStation Vita to Gain ‘Live From PlayStation’ App


The PS4 and PS Vita will soon be gaining theme support when PS4 firmware 2.0 and PS Vita firmware 3.30 is released later this month. When the firmware updates launch, both newer consoles will gain something that the PS3 has had for years. Now it’s been revealed that PS Vita will also be taking a cue from the PS4 playbook and gaining the popular Live From PlayStation app. For those unfamiliar, Live Form PlayStation allows PS4 owners to watch live PS4 game broadcasts from Twitch and Ustream. Though the Vita won’t be able to broadcast likely due to hardware limitations, you can now more leisurely lounge around the house and watch live streams.

PS4 and PS Vita to Gain Themes in Next Firmware Update


PS4 firmware 2.0 is already aiming to bring an extensive amount of changes to the leading next-gen console. To sweeten the pot further, Sony has revealed more information about the upcoming update, which is sure to please long time PS3 fans. When firmware 2.0 launches later this month, PS4 owners will have the ability to download themes much like they could on the PS3 which will help liven up and personalize their console. No specific themes were announced, nor was any price revealed, but the news is certainly a welcome one for PlayStation fans. But that’s not all.

Poll: Have You Been Spending More Time on PS3 or PS4?


When it comes to consoles, the Xbox vs. PlayStation debate is the obvious go-to. But which PlayStation console do you prefer? Let us know your thoughts in our poll!

Should You Buy ‘Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair’ for the PlayStation Vita?

PS_Vita_ Danganronpa_2_Goodbye_DespairThe original Danganronpa was published by NIS America and originally released here in North America on February 11, 2014. It is easily one of my favorite games of the year (Check out my review here). Shortly after its release, it was announced that its sequel would be coming out a short seven months later.

Just like the original game, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is a visual novel with a murder mystery twist. Unlike the first game where the characters are trapped in a high school, this time all of the characters (again a set of students from Hope’s Peak Academy) are trapped on the tropical Jabberwock Island.  Does Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair live up to the high quality of the original? Keep reading to find out!