AMC and a Few Other Networks Added to PlayStation Vue


Just in time for The Walking Dead finale, Sony has added AMC to PlayStation Vue. Currently available in New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia, PlayStation Vue is a new internet-based platform that offers a variety of channels for those who wish to cut the cord and go all-digital with no contracts. Sony plans to roll out the service to more cities as the year goes on. You can learn more about PlayStation Vue by reading our preview.

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PlayStation 4 System Update 2.50 Now Live

PS4_System_Update_250As expected, Sony has officially released PlayStation 4 system update 2.50. The new massive firmware update brings a ton of new features to PS4 like the ability to suspend/resume games and system backups, two highly requested features. Other great additions include improved friend requests and Facebook friend finder. The full PS4 system update 2.50 Changelog can be read after the jump.

PlayStation App 2.50.8 Goes Live for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Brings With It Major Tweaks


Ahead of the PlayStation 4 system update 2.50 release which promises to be a big one, Sony has updated the PlayStation app on iOS devices. With PlayStation App 2.50.8 on iPhone and iPad, you can expect a redesigned homepage and enhanced abilities, like the ability to delete trophies with 0% achievement progress. The PlayStation App 2.50.8 Changelog awaits you after the jump.

Rumor: Layoffs Hit Sony San Diego Studio

San_Diego_StudioAccording to an inside source, San Diego Studio, the exclusive PlayStation developers, were hit with a layoff this past Monday. It’s believed that about 40 personnel were affected by this layoff which follows 55 employees being let go at Evolution Studios just a few days ago. Evolution Studios is most recently known for DriveClub and were also the developers behind MotorStorm. San Diego Studio is best known for ModNation Racers and MLB: The Show but also have developed a few smaller games on PSN like Pain and High Velocity Bowling.

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PS4 System Update 2.50 Yukimura Launches Tomorrow With Tons of New Features


Come tomorrow (March 26th), PlayStation 4 system update 2.50 Yukimura will be released onto the masses and bring with it some highly requested features. Those include the ability to pause/resume games which means you can ”jump in and out of their games faster than ever. Alongside that, Sony is also beefing up the PS4′s accessibility features by allowing you to increase font size and thickness on the screen and increase the screen contrast. Now we’re learning that there is a whole lot more we can expect when the firmware update goes live, like button remapping (pictured above).

After the jump, the full details of PS4 system update 2.50 await you.

55 Devs to Lose Their Job at Evolution Studios (DriveClub)

DriveClub_CrashAnd then there were 55. Sadly, last week we reported on a massive layoff that would be hitting Evolution Studios, the developers behind DriveClub. We noted then that, while the game was met with a rocky launch, since that time, it’s turned into arguably one of the best arcade racers out there. Unfortunately that hasn’t been enough to save the studio from cuts and that number has revealed itself. As of March 20th, nearly half the developers at Evolution Studios would soon be without a job.

More details after the jump, including some encouraging news for fans of DriveClub and MotorStorm.

Sony Plans “Aggressive Capital Investment” In PlayStation


It’s no secret that Sony Electronics has been struggling for well over a decade now. With TV sales and mobile not being the growth driver the company had once thought, PlayStation is quickly becoming the darling of Sony. Having the PS4 continue to put out blockbuster numbers alongside a rich history with gamers doesn’t hurt either. While always an important part of the company, Sony now sees PlayStation as one of its key divisions and a growth driver for the company as a whole. In fact, Sony sees entertainment as one of its key assets and equally plans to double down on Sony Pictures and Sony Music as well.

When it comes to PlayStation, they plan on an “aggressive capital investment” that will hopefully bring with it “sales growth and profit expansion.” After the jump, for details.

PlayStation TV Won’t Support PlayStation Vue


In a move that only Sony/PlayStation could pull off, PlayStation TV, the companion device which allows you to stream PS4 games, and play PlayStation Vita games on your television will not support PlayStation Vue, the streaming TV service from Sony. Yes, PlayStation TV won’t support Sony’s PlayStation television streaming initiative. After you’re done shaking your head, meet us after the jump for some more head shaking.

Layoffs to Hit ‘DriveClub’ Developer Evolution Studios


After what can only be described as a botched launch despite a massive delay from its original launch date, DriveClub turned out to be one of the finest driving games yet. Beautiful visuals with robust gameplay that blends single player and multiplayer in a plethora of maps and events make DriveClub a game that shouldn’t be missed. However, seeing as it took an additional two months after launch in a very public manner for the game to be fixed, it suffered in sales as racing fans stayed away from the game. With poor sales tends to come layoffs and today, the studio is receiving such news.

PlayStation Vue Streaming TV Launches for Just $50


Sony is officially rolling out PlayStation Vue streaming TV service. Compatible on PS3 and PS4, PlayStation Vue will be available to those in New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago with plans to grow to other major cities over the year. With lots of channel options and different pricing structures available, cord cutters might have a new champion on their side, all be it in currently limited areas. After the jump, full details on PlayStation Vue.