PS4 Sales Pass 25 Million; Beat Company Expectations


As I wrote earlier today, Sony Mobile is not doing well with declining sales that are dragging down the company. One saving grace for Sony continues to be PlayStation which, if it wasn’t for their mobile arm, would catapult Sony even higher.

That’s because earlier today, Sony reported Q1 FY15 earnings and PlayStation once again led the pack and in doing so, even beat Sony’s own expectations for the powerful console. Those details after the jump.

Sony Mobile Q1 FY15 Results – Xperia Sales Collapse


If you’re a regular reader of this site, you know that I stay away from flashy headlines. In fact, our headlines tend to be the most stale though hopefully the most truthful as well. With that, I wrote the above headline with some trepidation yet cannot find it more true.

The Sony Mobile Q1 FY15 results are in and things are not looking rosy for the mobile arm of Sony. In fact, you have to go back three years to see results this low. The following is from Sony

 significant decrease in smartphone unit sales resulting from a strategic decision not to pursue scale in order to improve profitability 

After the jump you’ll find the dreadful results, including a chart of Sony Mobile quarterly sales for the last 5 years.

Sony RX100 IV Slow Motion Video


Just yesterday, we brought you sample video from the newly released Sony RX100 IV. For those unaware, the RX100 IV has a few unique features like the ability to shoot HFR videos in super smooth (960 fps) that’s capable of showcasing a spinning firework in vivid detail like never before. After the jump, we have a different kind of sample video – slow motion up to 1000 fps and simply breathtaking.

Are You Experiencing Issues With PSN Today?

PSN_Logo_ClearSome members of the community are reporting issues with PSN today. At this time, it doesn’t appear to be a widespread issue and personally, I haven’t had a problem logging onto PSN and getting games like Destiny up and running. Still, Sony seems aware of the matter and is looking into it.

The Lackluster Unboxing Experience of Sony TVs


Earlier this month, we brought you the unboxing video from the Sony X900C. Now, the video itself was from Sony but with such videos, it gave you an overview of what you can find inside the box and how best to take it apart. Only problem is, while the final product is a beautiful piece of technology that anybody would love to display in their home or office, the experience of getting to it is simply underwhelming. Before I get ahead of myself, go ahead and watch the unboxing here and then meet me after the jump for some thoughts.

‘Destiny’ Update Addresses Husk of the Pit & Nepal Aid


Prior to Destiny update 2.0, which will usher in with it big changes to the game’s weapon system and prepare us all for The Taken King DLC, Bungie will release Destiny update As the numbering scheme indicates, it won’t be a large update.

So what can we expect from the update? Those details after the jump.

New Sony IMX230 Camera Sensor Found in Motorola Moto X Style


A topic of great interest for many of our readers is Sony’s mobile ambitions and how that plays into the company’s image sensor business. Just recently, it was revealed that Sony would be investing $4 billion into that division. Following that news, Sony revealed a new partnership with Japanese robotics firm ZMP to create Aerosens, a new drone company. While odd at first, Sony’s ambitions are clear; to create a compelling drone with stellar optics that are powered by the companies image sensors. In short, while Aerosens will be a fully functional company with its own path and vision for drones, the true goal of the company is to showcase Sony’s sensor technology and sell it to much larger players like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Parrot, Lockheed Martin, and DJI.

Now comes news that Motorola, a competitor of Sony Mobile, will be using the company’s latest camera sensor, one that even Sony itself isn’t using in their smartphone line.

Sony RX100 IV Sample Video (960 fps)


Early previews of the Sony RX100 IV are already praising the camera’s incredible 1-inch stacked sensor alongside its ability of

  high frame-rate video at up to a staggering 1,000 frames per second. 

Specifically, thanks to the camera’s ability to capture HFR videos, users can shoot frame rates of 960/1000fps, 480/500fps, or 240/250fps (NTSC/PAL), depending on which is most suitable for them. After the jump, we have a Sony RX100 IV sample video in 960fps. In short, fireworks plus smooth video equals a thing of beauty.

New Sony Xperia Flagship to Launch in Fall?

Sony_Xperia_ConceptFile this purely under the rumor mill but there have been some strong whispers about a new flagship smartphone from Sony Mobile. While Sony working on a followup to the Xperia Z3+/Z4 shouldn’t be surprising to anybody, the fact that we’re hearing about it so early is.

In fact, the Xperia Z3+ still hasn’t launched in many territories and this rumor pegs the release date, if not reveal date for early Fall. Let’s talk more after the jump.

Top ‘Destiny’ Community Wish List Revealed


Over at the official Destiny forums, Community Manager Chris Cozmo23″ Shannon has put together a list of features most requested by Destiny players. While not giving them in the specific order of most requested to least, the community wish list is an interesting hodge podge of features that could either enhance the game or completely cripple it.

That list after the jump.