Should You See ‘The Raid 2′?

Facebook_Featured_The_Raid_2_ReviewThe Raid 2 is the sequel of The Raid: Redemption. This is a confusing fact to some people, including professional movie website Yahoo Movies, which has the first movie listed on their box office chart for this week.  Yahoo went so far as to link to clips and promotions from the first movie as well. They flat out don’t know what movie is in the theater right now.

Here’s some proof:

At least the first film is awesome too.

I’m pretty sure I’m about to ban Yahoo in my household.

So let me set the record straight.

The Raid: Redemption is an amazing blaze of martial arts craziness that had me all jacked up for the sequel.


Long, intricately composed images, that only ever lead to death.

The Raid 2 my friends, is a whole other level of epic. Ditching the confines of the single building location of Redemption, where Indonesian police officer Rama uses his fists, feet, knives, and guns to survive a total criminal onslaught; director Gareth Evans tells a sprawling and complicated story of the barely peaceful coexistence of two gangs that run the city and how our hero, Rama must infiltrate them to root out the corrupt police he exposed in the first movie.

Evans slows the pace way down to tell an honest to goodness story this time. Lingering on long, gorgeously composed shots of color and composition, which shows his immense growth as a cinematographer, we learn of the delicate balance of peace between two rival gangs headed up by respectful men of violence, Goto and Bangun. Our hero Rama inserts himself into prison to befriend Bangun’s son to work his way into the system. And what better way to befriend someone than protect him from absolute death in one of the many outstanding fight sequences in the film: a crazy prison fight in the wet mud with about 100 different people beating each other into pieces. The camera deftly moves among the most interesting mini-stories within the fight so that you easily follow what is going on and it never looks like nameless randoms flailing ineffectively. There is some serious maiming action going on. Be prepared because this is just the start, and when it goes into action mode, it goes full throttle with broken bones and ripped out throats on full display.

PlayStation Store Update- 99¢ Flash Sale (4-18-14)

99 cents flash saleLooking for a great deal on PlayStation games this weekend? If so, the PlayStation Store has you covered with a Flash Sale that has slashed prices to 99¢ on over 30 games for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.  The sale ends Monday, April 21st at 7:0o AM PDT , so act fast. The deals this month include: Tokyo Jungle for $0.99, Braid for $0.99, and Super Stardust HD for $0.99. Keep reading to see the rest of the deals!

Hey! We’re Back Up Again

Kitten_ITThose who may have tried to visit our site in the last 24-48 hours may have noticed that we were down for quite bit of that time. Early Wednesday morning, it became apparent to me that the site was beginning to run slow and soon after, we were completely down. At first, I attributed this to two large stories we’d published that day (2014 Sony 4K Television Prices Officially Unveiled, Lower Than Previous Leaks and 2014 Sony 4K Televisions to Include PlayStation Now, Can Stream PS3 Games In 4K) that had us down to a crazy traffic spike. Unfortunately, the cause wasn’t nearly as exciting though much more devastating.

Instead, we learned that a whole bunch of other websites and email services were down. The culprit? Our host. Unfortunately without much notice, BlueHost went dark (I still attribute it to a Hydra attack) and stayed down for well over 24 hours. The reason behind the downtime is still unclear, but we, like you, were furious that we couldn’t have our site up and running for you. Also a big thanks to our team, and specifically Ricardo, for helping us get things up again once BlueHost had resolved things on their end.

The readership and friendship we’ve built over the years is everything to us and the reason we continue to push SRN to be the biggest and best destination for Sony and PlayStation fans. It seems like we’re now in smoother waters and the entire staff and I are excited to bring you coverage once again, starting with a review of The Raid 2. However, if you notice anything finicky, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comment section below or contact us on Twitter and/or Facebook.

2014 Sony 4K Televisions to Include PlayStation Now, Can Stream PS3 Games In 4K

ps now

Unveiled at CES 2014, PlayStation Now is a streaming services that can bring PlayStation 3 titles to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. Think Netflix for gaming. At the time of its unveiling, we were able to get our hands on the PS Vita and stream God of War: Ascension to the powerful handheld without a hitch. It’s expected that Sony will officially release the cloud-based service at E3 2014. While at the time, Sony was only talking about PlayStation Now for the PS4 and PS Vita, the company made it clear that the service would expand beyond gaming consoles and onto televisions, smartphones, and tablets. Today, Sony takes the first big step to bring PS3 titles to a entirely new market and reach beyond the core gaming enthusiast.

2014 Sony 4K Television Prices Officially Unveiled, Lower Than Previous Leaks


We’d previously outlined Sony’s 2014 4K television fleet with specs and prices which includes the X850B (good), X900B (better), and the X950B (best). At that time, we were quite surprised about the prices of their 2014 4K fleet which had made huge strides in both the technology offered and the prices, but the news gets better. Sony has now officially unveiled pricing for their 4K televisions and while many are the same as we’d leaked, some are a few hundred dollars cheaper.

PlayStation Store Update (4-15-14)


Welcome to the PlayStation Store update for April 15th, 2014. While you won’t find anything as shocking as the AA airline tweet here from the other day, this weeks PlayStation Store update does have a host of goodies which include the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on the PlayStation 4 and Dead Nation for the PlayStation Vita.

As a side note, seeing how MMORPG’s require a monthly subscription, it’s never made sense to me that publishers can charge for the game still. Luckily FF14 comes at a discount with the normal edition $59.99 and a collector’s edition for $59.99. As you guessed, details are all after the jump.

Sony Updates PlayMemories Mobile for iOS With Notifications and More

PlayMemories Mobile


Sony has just updated their PlayMemories Mobile app for iOS devices. The PlayMemories Mobile 4.2.3 update brings with it improved compatibility for the company’s line of attachable lenses which require to be connected via the app to function. The update now allows for an improved photo-taking experience on the QX10 and QX100 by allowing you to touch the shutter icon to focus on the image at hand.

Sony Bravia W600B, W700B, and W800B Are Now Shipping


While the focus of 2014 has been Sony’s fleet of 4K televisions, which consists of the X850B, X900B, and X950B, Sony isn’t abandoning the traditional 1080p HD market. To that end, Sony has announced that the Bravia W600B, W700B, and W800B are now shipping worldwide, including features like Quick Start and One-Flick remote. If the Bravia W700B seems like a line you haven’t heard of, that’s because it’s exclusive to Europe.

Is the Sony VAIO Fit Prone to Catching on Fire?


Part of the last PC that Sony will ship, the VAIO Fit 11a was part of Sony’s strategy to capitalize on the Netbook and tablet market by offering a hybrid unit. Since that time, Sony has shipped nearly 26,000 units, mostly in Europe, but due to a manufacturing defect, each unit shipped is prone to overheat and catch fire.

Netflix 4K App Now Available for Sony 4K Televisions, Includes ‘House of Cards’


At CES 2014, Netflix promised to bring 4K to televisions and the company has now fulfilled that promise. As of today, those with a compatible 4K television can download the free app which will provide 4K content with no added premium to your subscription. Content currently includes House of Cards: Season 2 and nature documentaries with more titles to come in the future.

More Hints of Minor 4.3 Update for Xperia M


Recently we found what appeared to be new firmware coming for the Xperia M via a major global network, a minor bug-fixing update that many users have been asking for. It’s not unusual for such an update to follow a major uplift.

This would be a timely update as the latest Jellybean version that was released brought elegance and a few bugs for users ranging from uninstallable Xperia themes to bluetooth turning itself off.

What’s appearing looks like fairly early testing so nothing is coming tomorrow. This reveal comes 10 weeks since 4.3 was originally tested, so things are looking good for some fixes. This fresh hint appeared just a few hours ago…

Meet the Sony Full-frame Alpha A7s With 4K Video


Every year at NAB, Sony dazzles us with new products in their camera and video lineup and this year is no different. CES 2014 made it clear that Sony is going all in with 4K and NAB continued that promise with the announcement of the full-frame Sony Alpha A7s. As the name suggests, this isn’t a rethinking of the Alpha line and instead, an improvement on the full-frame A7 that was announced last year. In short, Sony is bringing 4K video recording to the party with vastly improvement sensitivity which is what the “s” in the name refers to.

Interested? Lets talk details.

‘The Last of Us Remastered’ Being Developed by Naughty Dog, Aims for 60fps

The_Last_Of_Us_RemasteredIt’s been no secret that PlayStation and Naughty Dog had plans to bring The Last of Us to the PlayStation 4. When the game was originally delayed by a few months, many assumed that it was due to a shift in development and that the title would in fact come out for the PlayStation 4. While that did’t pan out, The Last of Us is now headed to the PS4 with development having begun directly after the PS3 title was released. Now let’s talk details about The Last of Us Remastered, which is being handled in house by Naughty Dog.