Beautiful New Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Trailer Arrives


As someone who thoroughly enjoyed Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, I’ve gotten giddy every time there is something new to be seen in regards to Kingsglaive, the upcoming prequel movie to the long-delayed Final Fantasy XV.

Luckily for me, Sony has released a new trailer that for the first time includes all the official American voice actors, including Queen Regent of the Seven Kingdoms. Along with the new trailer, Square has also officially announced when the film will arrive on Blu-ray.

Sign Up for PS4 System Software Update 4.0 Beta


For those eager enough to see what changes Sony is looking to bring to PS4 with its next major update, you’ll be pleased to know that a public beta is on its way. Starting today,

 you can sign up for a chance to be a beta tester and get an advance look at some of the improvements and new features coming to PS4.

Click here to sign up. You can register to be a beta tester anytime between today and the start of the beta in early August. 

PlayStation VR to Offer ‘Cinematic Mode’ With a 226-inch Screen


One of the lesser known features of PlayStation VR will be its cinematic mode which in short can create your own personal cinema at home. The feature is designed to work with traditional PS4 titles and will be offered in three different sizes.

 There are a trio of (simulated) viewing sizes: 117 inches, 163 inches and 226 inches. The translated post says that the default 163-inch size will encompass your entire field of view, while the gargantuan one will require you to move your head from side to side if you want to see everything at once. So, kind of like sitting in the front row of a movie theater. At the other end of the spectrum, the smallest size reorients the screen to your head movement. If you get tired while wearing the PSVR you can apparently lay down while wearing it and the display will match your horizontal perspective. 

Sony Xperia Z6 to Double as PlayStation VR Controller?


So here’s a wild rumor for you in regards to the next generation Xperia device, which Jenia Gracia from Mobile & Apps has dubbed the Xperia Z6.

 One major feature that will be loaded in the upcoming unit will be its capability to serve as a controller to the VR headsets of the PlayStation gaming console 

Besides not having heard anything about this myself, the rumor simply doesn’t make sense to me – here’s why.

PlayStation Vue to Get NFL Network and NFL RedZone


Nearly a month ago, Sony revealed that PlayStation Vue, their streaming TV service had surpassed 100,000 subscribers in the US with most insiders believing that the actual number being actually closer to 120k. Now with the NFL season nearly upon us, Sony is looking at new ways to entice users and make their service more complete.

Nintendo Finally Crashes From Pokemon Go High


It’s rather surprising that it took financial markets and tech pundits this long to catch on to the whole Pokemon Go phenomenon that’s pushed Nintendo’s valuation up by nearly $12 billion. But now that both sides have gotten their heads around it, that Pokemon high is coming to an end.

After all, for the past week, there has been no shortage of coverage around how Nintendo is now valued above Sony which is ludicrous no matter how you look at it.

Sony Mobile’s Xperia Beta Program Comes to an End

Wth Android 6.0 Marshmallow released on the majority of intended devices, Sony Mobile is bringing an end to the Xperia Beta Program.

 There will be no more planned beta firmware releases, the last firmware that rolled was build number 23.5.A.1.238. Sony confirmed that there will be new commercial firmware release that will hit all Xperia Z2/Z3 owners in the coming weeks – anyone on the beta program will be updated to this new firmware automatically. 

According to ‘Developers,’ Sony is the Only Remaining Hurdle to Cross-Platform Play


Fun fact, adding an ‘s’ at the end of a word can fundamentally change the gravity of a title. Kyle Orland writing for Ars Technica:

 Back in March, Microsoft announced that it would allow generic cross-platform play on its Xbox Live network. The move was essentially a public challenge for Sony to similarly open up the PlayStation Network 

So far, so good, and Kyle is right. Microsoft has been in need of any publicity win it can take with Xbox and calling out Sony for something that is ‘seemingly’ pro-consumer was a smart move by them.

 Now, some major game developers are stressing that any technical hurdles to this cross-platform play have been overcome. 

Now let the eye rolling begin.

FutureBrand’s Ranking of World’s Favorite Companies Released


Once a year, FutureBrand leads a study where they look at the 100 biggest companies by market capitalization. From there, the study asks 3,000 consumer and industry professionals in 17 different countries about the companies and asks them to rank them

 in terms of perception strength, rather than financial strength 

So where did Sony rank?

Fake Pokemon Go app Infects Android Phones With Screenlocker


It was only a matter of time before I would have to cover something about Pokemon Go and here it is. Dan Gooding writing for Ars Technica:

 Researchers from antivirus provider Eset report finding at least three such apps in the Google-hosted marketplace. Of the three, the one titled “Pokemon Go Ultimate” posed the biggest threat because it deliberately locks the screen of devices immediately after being installed. In many cases, restarting an infected phone isn’t enough to unlock the screen. Infected phones can ultimately be unlocked either by removing the battery or by using the Android Device Manager. 

But it gets better.

More Job Cuts Hit Sony in US


It wouldn’t be summer without some form of unfortunate job cuts hitting Sony. According to sources, the job cuts in particular are due to lower than anticipated box office returns and mainly affecting Sony Pictures.

 Sony Corporation of America (SCA) has already pink-slipped roughly 100 from its 700-person workforce as it looks to consolidate back-office functions.

Most of the senior vice president titles and above are going. The parent company is taking over. They don’t need a corporate structure in the US. 

However, Sony begs to differ on the news.

Hey Europe – Meet the Budget-Friendly Sony XD83, XD80, XD75, XD70 and SD80 4K Android TVs

Sony’s TV division seems to be firing on all cylinders. After unveiling their flagship ZD9 line which offers 3D and native 4K HDR in up too 100-inches, Sony also announced a more budget-friendly lineup of 4K TVs. For those in the US, check out the X800D, X750D, and X700D which offer 4K HDR compatibility. For those in Europe, this article is for you.

Hey US – Meet the Budget-Friendly Sony X800D, X750D and X700D 4K Android TVs

Sure Sony just unveiled the ultra-premium ZD9 series which is offered in three different sizes, including a 100-inch model that may just cost more than your house but that doesn’t mean they don’t have something for you and I – you know, the common people. Jokes aside, while the ZD9 is obviously designed to cater to the premium clientele that Sony should cater to, the company has also unveiled a lineup designed to satisfy the masses, the X700D, X750D, and X800D which start at just $749.

Ultra-Premium Sony ZD9 4K HDR TVs Announced – Comes in 100-inch

We all bitched and moaned at CES 2016 when Sony didn’t unveil what would be the X950D series, a premium lineup of 4K HDR TVs but today, we can all wipe away those tears and shed new ones. Announced earlier this morning was the Sony ZD9, a brand new ultra-premium lineup of 4K HDR TVs, and they come in whopping 65-, 75-, and 100-inch variants.

Nintendo PlayStation Prototype Tear Down


For the unaware, before Sony launched PlayStation to take on Nintendo and eventually drive Sega out of the console business, they were working with Nintendo on a console to take on Sega. Jon Fingas writing for Engadget:

  While it’s evident that Sony had the largest role in the machine, this was very much a collaboration — you’ll find a mix of both Nintendo and Sony chips in this prototype, on top of the occasional third-party component.