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Destiny 2.0 Details Reveal Some Massive Changes


Prior to the release of The Taken King which launches on September 15th, Bungie will release Destiny 2.0 that will bring with it some massive changes to their now one year old world. With Destiny 2.0, Bungie is also preparing the game for The Taken King which promises to rework a lot of the games function as well as bring a massive amount of new content. Some tweaks with the latest update include increasing the level cap to 40, bounty slots increasing to 16, and a new quest screen.

After the jump, the full changes that will come with Destiny 2.o.

Despite Drama, Hideo Kojima Vows to “Keep Creating”


If you’ve been paying attention to the gaming sector this past year, you’ll note a little bit of drama between legendary game developer Hideo Kojima and his long time publisher, Konami. Once inseparable, the two will see each other part ways after the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Kojima and Konami have already had a very public falling out with Konami performing petty things such as removing the creators name from websites and content having to do with Metal Gear.

With already a high cinematic flair, many wondered what Kojima would do after MGS5 is released. His comments after the jump.

Xur Has Gjallarhorn (and How to Get Enough Strange Coins)


Stop what you’re doing -even if it’s open heart surgery! – as Xur has once again stocked up on the infamous Gjallarhorn. That’s right, for the price of just 17 Strange Coins, you and your loved ones can experience all that is almost awesome (will be fully awesome once you have Wolf Pack rounds). For the unacquainted, the Gjallarhorn is the strongest weapon in Destiny and a rare one to find. Even more rare is Xur selling one. At last count, I believe only one other time has Xur, the black arms dealer who appears over the weekend and disappears before midnight on Sundays offered this exotic weapon.

If you’re short on coins, you can find our guide after the jump with tips on how to attain Strange Coins (including an easy way to get 9) and the hilarity that has ensued on Twitter over players going nuts for the rare beast.

Destiny Update Now Live


In late July, word came out about Destiny update The patch, which at the time lacked a release date, was designed to include a fix for the Husk of the Pit as well as bring rewards to those who helped with the Nepal relief efforts.

Now Destiny update is live and includes a few extra tweaks. Those details await you after the jump.

‘Destiny: The Taken King’ Will Offer New Gear


Hey Guardians, feeling tired of the same ol’ gear that you’ve been upgrading over the past year? Heard of The Taken King, the giant new DLC that’s set for release on September 15th? Well beyond all the goodies like new weapons, raids, storyline, and strikes, Bungie is also adding new gear as well.

More info after the jump.

‘Destiny’ Update Addresses Husk of the Pit & Nepal Aid


Prior to Destiny update 2.0, which will usher in with it big changes to the game’s weapon system and prepare us all for The Taken King DLC, Bungie will release Destiny update As the numbering scheme indicates, it won’t be a large update.

So what can we expect from the update? Those details after the jump.

Top ‘Destiny’ Community Wish List Revealed


Over at the official Destiny forums, Community Manager Chris Cozmo23″ Shannon has put together a list of features most requested by Destiny players. While not giving them in the specific order of most requested to least, the community wish list is an interesting hodge podge of features that could either enhance the game or completely cripple it.

That list after the jump.

Destiny Update 2.0 Will Bring Major Changes to Exotic Weapons


Along side the heavily anticipated The Taken King DLC will be Destiny update 2.0 and with it will come some major changes to weapons and in turn, likely change the way you play the game. Bungie has heard our complaints loud and clear and auto rifles will once again become more powerful and finally useful again.

Auto Rifle:

  • Increase base damage
  • Start damage falloff closer to the player to emphasize its role as a close to medium range weapon
  • Small reduction in base stability. Landing shots at optimal range is unaffected, but repeated precision hits require more weapon control to land consistently
  • Boost damage by 10% against AI combatants

Along side tweaks to the auto rifle and other normal weapons in your arsenal, Bungie is making major tweaks to exotic weapons like Gjallarhorn, Thorn, and Ice Breaker. After the jump, the full break down of weapons in Destiny Update 2.0.

Long Time ‘Destiny’ Players to Receive “Something Better” Than The Taken King Collector’s Edition Perks


In Destiny land, there’s been some brouhaha about the upcoming mega DLC, The Taken King. As a quick recap, Bungie will release Destiny: The Taken King on September 15th for $39.99. While a bit steep for DLC, this isn’t any normal DLC.

With The Taken King, Bungie is offering new subclasses, stories, strikes, and raids along side new weapons and armor. For most hardcore fans, the DLC price in fact isn’t an issue as the onslaught of new content is a welcomed thing. The sticking point instead is the inclusion of three emotes that will be available exclusively in the collector’s edition which includes the game and previous two DLC and in turn, means you’re repurchasing content you already own.

Fear now however as Bungie isn’t forgetting those who’ve been on Destiny from day one.

PlayStation Store Update (05-19-15)


Welcome to the PlayStation Store update for May 19, 2015. We have a great update this week packed full of new content and sales. PlayStation 4 users now can jump into the highly anticipated The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Farming Simulator 15.

PlayStation Vita users now have access to Alien Shooter and there is a large sale entitled Extended Play which features discounts on several games that include Season Passes/DLC.

Finally, as you are probably aware PlayStation Plus users now receive all of their free games at the beginning of the month and then are given discounts on extra content the rest of the month. The PlayStation Plus games for May include Ether One (PS4), The Unfinished Swan (PS3/PS4), and Murasaki Baby (PS Vita).