PlayStation Vita Augmented Reality Overview (video)

One of the frequently overlooked features of the PlayStation Vita that Sony hopes to expand over time is its augmented reality capabilities. The PlayStation Vita, which comes equipped with a front and rear facing camera, is powerful enough to be able to capture a given environment in real time and allow it to be utilized in a game. An example of this is the launch title, Little Deviants, which takes advantage of the front facing camera and has you moving your PS Vita around in the air to shoot at flying ships.

Fighting games are another genre that seem to be taking advantage of this technology, allowing you to have immerse your characters in the world that is facing you and giving you real life backdrops, because they are indeed real. To introduce PS Vita owners to this tech, Sony has made three augmented reality titles available for free on the PlayStation Network. Fireworks, Cliff Divers, and Table Soccer all utilize the augmented reality cards that came inside of each PlayStation Vita. Our video will highlight Fireworks and its use of this technology.

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