Sony Pictures Readies ‘Invertigo,’ DJ Caruso Set to Direct

Sony Pictures is currently in the initial phases of production on what could be the next big sci-fi thriller, tentatively titled ‘Invertigo,’ with Neal Moritz set to produce and DJ Caruso currently in talks to direct. According to Deadline Hollywood, Sony Pictures apparently has high hopes for the film, and Caruso, who previously directed moderate hits in Eagly Eye and Disturbia, has just finished working on his latest film and is currently available; however, Caruso is also rumored to be involved with the comic book adaptation of Preacher.

‘Invertigo’ is apparently a sci-fi drama where a fallen NASA satellite creates an inverted gravity vortex in New York City, and a rescue mission sets off to save the planet. The premise lends itself well to impressive visuals, and with Ehren Kruger (who recently wrote the script for Transformers: Dark of the Moon) as one of the writers, the film should have its fair share of exciting moments. Look for more updates on Invertigo as production moves forward.


What are your thoughts on the directing and production choices for ‘Invertigo?’

[Via Deadline]