Sony Media Player App Compatibility List

Yesterday, we ran an article about Sony’s latest update for the Media Player App on iOS devices which includes iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It’s also worth noting that despite this app being compatible on the iPad, it has not been written for iPad, nor is a dual version inside, leading to the app being simply enlarged on the iPad screen. This led to lots of questions from users, including the most popular, ‘will it work with the PS3?’ Sadly, the answer to that is a no though seeing how all iOS devices have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi like the PS3, it seems like a no brainer. As far as Sony is concerned, the iOS and Android app are intended for Sony’s Bravia Blu-ray players and televisions only. This of course lead to, ‘which devices are compatible with the app?’ After the jump, we have the full list of compatible devices for you.


Compatible Products:

Blu-ray Disc Player:

BDP-S370,S470, S570, S770, S1700, BX37, BX57, S380, S480, S580, S780, BX38, BX58, S390, S490, S590, S790, BX39, BX59

Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System:

BDV-IZ1000W, HZ970W, E970W, E870, E770W, E670W, E570, E470, E370, T57, F7, F700, F500, E985W, E980W, E980, E880, E780W, E580, E380, T58, L800M, L800, L600, N990W, N890W, N790W, N590, E690, E490, E385, E390, E290, E190, NF720, NF620, EF420, EF220, T79, T39

Streaming Player/Network Media Player:

SMP-N100, SMP-N200

AV Receiver:



KDL-HX920 series, KDL-HX92 series, HX82 series, HX72 series, NX72 series, EX72 series, EX62 series, EX52 series, EX42 series, EX32 series, CX52 series, HX85 series, HX75 series, EX65 series, EX55 series

Sony Internet TV:

NSX-24GT1, NSX-32GT1, NSX-40GT1, NSX-46GT1, NSZ-GT1


Is the Sony device you wanted missing from that list? If so, which device is it?