Naughty Dog Reveals New Look for Ellie, from The Last of Us. Is it Good? (updated with 5 additional pics)

Via their Facebook page, Naughty Dog has just revealed a revamped look for Ellie, one of the main characters from their upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive, The Last of Us. This time around, Naughty Dog decided to go for a more “youthful look” to the surviving character. Judging by the reaction on Facebook and our own, many fans prefer the older, more mature look. With that said, we don’t know the context of the character and the older, more adult looking Ellie might have taken away from the character arch and story that the team is trying to portray. Let us know in the comments section which look you prefer. Additional 5 pictures, after the jump.


Do you prefer the old Ellie or the new Ellie look in The Last of Us?

[Via Naughty Dog]


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