Naughty Dog Reveals New Look for Ellie, from The Last of Us. Is it Good? (updated with 5 additional pics)

Via their Facebook page, Naughty Dog has just revealed a revamped look for Ellie, one of the main characters from their upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive, The Last of Us. This time around, Naughty Dog decided to go for a more “youthful look” to the surviving character. Judging by the reaction on Facebook and our own, many fans prefer the older, more mature look. With that said, we don’t know the context of the character and the older, more adult looking Ellie might have taken away from the character arch and story that the team is trying to portray. Let us know in the comments section which look you prefer. Additional 5 pictures, after the jump.


Do you prefer the old Ellie or the new Ellie look in The Last of Us?

[Via Naughty Dog]

  • Jack

    I like the new Ellie tbh

  • rockei

    I’m pretty sure that is the first rendering I saw which is why everyone thought it was Ellen Page coming out with two games.

  • deano

    New ellie is better

  • Gram

    Game would be better if we can choose between old Ellie or new Ellie

  • Tyler

    Think that’s she would of looked like on PC or ps4….

  • Craig Kronvall

    Doesn’t matter. Lindsey Lohan will say this is her too and sue Naughty Dog, Sony, and the people that bought TLOU

  • hahaha

  • jonsey

    how in any way would that make the game better lmao

  • havocsvu

    old one looks better then the after. Unless that got it mixed up,

  • Bob StoleYourGirl

    For a second I thought this was ps3 to ps4 but it was when the game was being developed for ps3

  • Yomama

    They had to change it because Ellen Page threated to sue. I’m not kidding.

  • I don’t think your too far off. It was never revealed if that was the determining factor but you cannot deny the resembles. Also considering she was working on a game (Beyond: Two Souls) around the same time, I’m sure she was more than aware that her likeness was being used by ND.

  • Liam Dilley

    The agreement to use her likeness does not cover any other games, this version for PS4 is classed as new game so they had to modify the look so it covered them just enough legally.

  • asbofive

    WTF?!?!? This is over two years old, why was it on n4g just now???

  • PachterStation

    Naughty Dog didn’t have to mess on with it too much, but looks like they have.