Awkward ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Song from Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield

With Men in Black 3 almost in theaters, Sony Pictures is already looking at their next big blockbuster, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man.’ Set to be released on July 6th, the rebooted franchise will once again tell the origin story of Spider-Man with a new world where Peter has yet to meet Marry Jay and instead has Gwen Stacy as his love interest. Looking to promote the film and entice audience goers, Sony is releasing a 6 minute IMAX 3D preview in front of MiB 3 in IMAX 3D. Despite MiB tracking to be a big hit, Sony is looking at other methods to promote the high stakes franchise which has lead to the video above.  What do you think? Do the duo knock it home or what?


Will you be seeing ‘The Amazing Spider-Man?