Unscripted ‘Men in Black 3′ has Josh Brolin Interviews Will Smith

Men in Black 3 is shaping up to be a formidable summertime hit, landing as the number one movie at the box office. MiB 3 was able to score $72 million during the Memorial Day weekend, despite a 10 year absence in the franchise which finally dethroned The Avengers, after 3 weeks at number one. MiB 3 stars the charismatic and always charming Will Smith as agent J while  Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin help play agent K, thanks to the films time travel plot. While during the build up to the films release, Sony Pictures marketing team did their best to have the stars front and center on as many shows and commercials as possible, its sometimes the little moments that slip away which turn out to be a gem.

Thanks to an unscripted AOL interview, we can see Josh Brolin interviewing Will Smith about his reaction if an alien invasion were to occur. Will whose starred in many alien blockbusters like Independence Day gave a response that caught his co-star off guard . Watch the interview now.