PSA: PlayStation Network is Down Worldwide (update from Sony)

After attempting to access the PlayStation Store to download a free copy of LittleBigPlanet 2, thanks to this week’s PlayStation Plus update, I discovered that every attempt to get into the store would result in a crash with the following error message:

 The service is currently undergoing maintenance. 

I’ve since attempted to do some basic trouble shooting like rebooting my network and PS3 with no different results, indicating that its indeed on Sony’s side. When the question was posed to our Twitter followers, it seems that a great many are experiencing the same issue, even in EU territories, resulting in not a localized blackout but a worldwide issue for Sony.

We’ve already contacted Sony and we’ll update this post as we hear more.

Updates, after the jump, including Sony’s response.

Obviously I don't really believe I'm really the culprit.

I also feel as if I’m partially to blame for the stores crash, due to the amount of free content (nearly 50GB) that I’ve been downloading. This has resulted in my PS3 being left on during last 24 hours as it slowly grabs the content from Sony’s servers and just to be clear, my internet speed is 35MBps down so it’s not me.


It seems that the store is also down for users attempting to access the service from their PlayStation Vita.

It should also be noted that all your current downloads seem to be just fine while access to PSN itself is still live with friends list and online gaming.


We’re now getting reports that Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited are down as well. Other services like Hulu and Netflix seem to be working just fine.


It seems that online gaming has indeed been affected with users not being able to access online components of games like Uncharted 3 and Battlefield 3.


Sony has officially responded to the matter:

 We are aware that some of you are having issues accessing PSN, and we’re working to restore service to all. Thank you for your patience. 


As some users have indicated and Sony has confirmed, PSN is now partially up and running with those who were unable to log into the service can now do so. Gaming has also been partially resorted though a bumpy ride is still expected. PlayStation Store still remains down.

 PSN users should now be able to sign back in. Thank you for your continued patience as we work to restore full functionality. 


PlayStation Network should now be fully up and running.

 PSN service has now been fully restored. We do thank you for your patience – now enjoy the rest of your weekend! 


Are you have issues accessing the PlayStation Network?