Sony Sells 525,000 PS3’s on Black Friday, PS+ Sales Up 259%

Sony 2012 Black Friday PlayStation Sales Report

By now, most of the big Black Friday numbers have been released. This includes sales of the new Nintendo Wii U and the Xbox 360 which beat it out. Appropriately so, all eyes have been on Sony to release their numbers and with no news, many began to worry. Luckily, those worries were for not as Sony has finally released their Black Friday sales figures for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Plus membership with some encouraging numbers. In the United States between November 18th and November 24th, Sony sold 525,000 PlayStation 3 units. This is an increase of 15% for the PS3 compared to last year’s Black Friday bundles while software and peripherals grew 9% over the same period last year. If you think that’s impressive, Sony has reported that PS3 sales for Latin America were up 200% when compared to last year, though no specifc numbers were included. Even the PlayStation Vita enjoyed robust sales though not quite as gangbuster as PlayStation Plus.

For the same period, the PlayStation Vita moved a healthy 160,000 units. Amazon has also reported that their special $200 PlayStation Vita bundle sold out in less than five hours which proves that, at the right price, the PlayStation Vita is poised for success. Most noteworthy of numbers however comes in the form of a digital offering from Sony: their PlayStation Plus membership. Compared to last year’s Black Friday period, Sony saw a 259% increase in subscriptions which makes sense, seeing how all PlayStation consoles sold come with a free trial. Better yet is the sheer amount of free content offered by the service which has garnered a customer satisfaction rates for PS Plus… above 95%.


Do you still think it’s all doom and gloom for the PlayStation Vita or does the powerful handheld console still have a chance?

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