Future Shop and Best Buy Canada Clearing Out 160GB PS3 Slim for $179.99


Canadian PlayStation fans who haven’t had a chance to pick up a PS3 should do so this weekend. Starting this Friday January 25, 2013, Future Shop and Best Buy Canada will be clearing out their 160GB PS3 Slim for $179.99.

According to a user on the RedFlagDeals forums, Best Buy Canada and Future Shop are set to clear out their stock on the weekend. To prove it, they even posted an image of upcoming flyers for both stores. A $179.99 160GB PS3 is quite a steal since EB Games and other retailers are still selling their systems for $249.99.


Will you be picking up a PS3 from Future Shop or Best Buy this weekend?

[Via RedFlagDeals]

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    FS and BB are the same company. BB owns FS actually, but the stock is the same, even websites are the same, just a different skin.

  • I knew BBY owned them but are they that close in everything else? I thought they were trying to differentiate the two brands.

  • Best Buy employees don’t get commission with sales. Future Shop employees get commission.