Superbot Lays Off 20 Employees After PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale


Lay off stories are always the worst articles to write as they have a deep impact on things that matter, family and lively hood. While the internet is an easy place to hide and lay out criticism towards community members and developers like the huge backlash against Ninja Theory for their take on Devil May Cry, we have to remember that they are like you and I. Not to say that this was the case for Superbot, the developers behind the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita exclusive PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale. Instead, I want to draw focus that with every job less, be it a massive layoff or a small one, there is a real damage that comes to be it from it as those people no longer have a source of income to pay for their bills and rent.

Now news is still light on why the layoff took place in the first place. Is it due to sales from PlayStation All-Stars which sold 390,000 copies on PS3 and 160,000 copies on PS Vita. Or were these more seasonal employees who were hired to help finish out the product and the layoffs were predetermined. As we find out more on that, we’ll fill you in but till then, we wish the current team at Superbot the best of luck with their next project while hoping the laid off members find employment soon.

Most recently, LightBox Interactive, the team behind Starhawk laid off a majority of their staff while Zipper Interactive, the team behind SOCOM closed their doors.


How can video game developers like Superbot change their business model so that they are not so reliant on a single game to be a hit or miss?