Sony Action Cam Accessories Preview


In order for any product to succeed in todays market, be it a tablet or a camcorder, it needs a great ecosystem to complement it. While some devices benefit more from a software ecosystem, say your smartphone which relies on apps to give it further functionalities, others rely more on a solid accessory ecosystem. This example is extremely apparent in the case of the Sony Action Cam, the companies take on the Go Pro line of cameras. For those not familiar, Go Pro is the go to MP4 camera for those with a taste of the extreme. Be it a snowboarder or the crew at Top Gear; chances are that their equipped camera is a Go Pro. This domination has come from the companies early entry into the market and due to its success, the great ecosystem of accessories which allow you to attach your unit to all sorts of things like cars, snowboards, helmets etc. etc.

This means that in order for Sony to truly battle the likes of Go Pro, they not only need to make a competent MP4 camera, but also offer an array of accessories that can further expand the scope and functionality of the Action Cam. So what does Sony’s freshman camera have to offer in terms of an accessory ecosystem? Quite a bit it seems as the company proudly showed off the latest  Action Cam Accessories at CES 2013 as displays on their website:

  • Action Cam Waterproof Case ($39)
  • Action Cam Waterproof Headband Mount ($29)
  • Action Cam Handlebar Mount ($29)
  • Action Cam Suction Cup Mount ($29)
  • Headband Mount for Action Cam ($24)
  • Action Cam Tilt Adapter ($24)
  • Action Cam Camcorder Cradle with LCD ($99)

Best of all is the Pet Mount kit that Sony hopes to introduce for the Action Cam. Unfortunately, there is no ship date or price for the awesome accessory for pet owners which will surely cause your pets to increase their timetable for your demise.


What Sony Action Cam accessories would you like to see next?