Sony Mobile Updates ‘Album’, ‘Movies’, ‘Camera’ and ‘WALKMAN’ apps for Xperia Z

sony mobile

With the release of the Sony Xperia Z looming in the near future, Sony has made some pretty significant changes to three of the phones main apps. After the jump, you can check out the latest promo from Sony Mobile, highlighting their new series of Apps which include Album, Camera, Walkman, and Movies with many supporting Throw, Sony’s DLNA based tech for wirelessly transmitting your content to a DLNA television.


  • Pinch Grid Zoom – Zoom on any picture using a single finger
  • Globe View – See where all of your photos were taken
  • SensMe Slideshow -Set up a themed slideshow for your pictures
  • Throw – Easily put pictures on a bigger screen


  • Color Picking – Music background will change to match album color
  • Sound Enhancement – Modify sound to make it sound perfect for you
  • Throw – play music wirelessly through speakers


  • Gracenote Lookup – All of your movies are always up to date
  • Throw – Easily play your videos and movies on a bigger screen


  • Burst Mode – Take pictures at 10 frames per second
  • Modeless UI – Take pictures while shooting video
  • HDR – high definition pictures and video recording


Do you think you are going to be happy with these additions? Do you feel they did too much or too little?

  • Good for them. Some of the UI is starting to look really clean. They could make quite the ad, just around their new apps.