The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Being Shot on Film Rather Than Digital

Amazing Spider-Man 2

Just a quick note: Director Marc Webb has revealed through his Twitter page that shooting has begun for the sequel to last year’s Amazing Spider-Man, with picture confirmation and hashtags making note of the use of 35mm film, over the digital RED cameras that were used on the first film. Also, an official synopsis for the film has been released, confirming the many rumors flying around lately that Paul Giamatti will be playing the Rhino.


Are you surprised that they are filming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on film, rather than digital like the first film?

  • Nineteen88

    Curious to know why they’re using film over Digital.

  • Sohrab O.

    Yea, I actually asked him and got nothing back. It is a bit curious and odd, seeing how the film will surely be in 3D. Digital makes that so much easier.