Weekend Box Office: Yippee Ki-Yay for ‘Die Hard’ at #1

box office

Four new releases in the top 10 this week, three of which opened early due to Valentine’s Day. First up is Good Day to Die Hard, which pulled in $25 million, for a four day total of $33 million. It bumps Identity Thief from the top spot, which still manages to hold second place, adding $23.5 million for a $70.7 million total (twice it’s $35 million budget).

Safe Haven debuts at #3, with $21.4 million, managing a four day total of $30.3 million. Escape From Planet Earth, which was the only new release to open on Friday, pulled in $16 million for the #4 spot. Warm Bodies falls from #2 to #5, with a $9 million pull, crossing the $50 million mark.

Beautiful Creatures debuts at #6, with a disappointing $7.5 million and a four day total of $10 million, against it’s $60 million budget. Hit the list below for the other stats.

Domestic Box Office Top Ten:

  1. Good Day to Die Hard – $25 million
  2. Identity Thief – $23.5 million
  3. Safe Haven – $21.4 million
  4. Escape From Planet Earth – $16 million
  5. Warm Bodies – $9 million
  6. Beautiful Creatures – $7.5 million
  7. Side Effects – $6.3 million
  8. Silver Linings Playbook – $6.1 million
  9. Hansel and Gretel – $3.5 million
  10. Zero Dark Thirty – $3.1 million


Have you seen Good Day To Die Hard? If so, what did you think of it?

  • Haven’t seen it yet, but hopefully I will soon.

  • Yea, it’s thin on plot but if you’re down for an hour and change of just pure action, then you will have a good time.