T-Mobile Enlists Help of Beautiful Models to Sell Sony Xperia Z


The Sony Xperia Z is a big and beautiful Android smartphone from Sony. Unlike rivals Samsung, HTC, and, to an extent, LG, Sony’s smartphone efforts have born little fruit as the company was quite late to the party and since has struggled to offer phones for the time. Due to their lack of market share penetration, presence, and marketing, when Sony does release new products, they often go unnoticed, despite their quality.

Because of this, T-Mobile CZ is taking matters into their own hands to raise awareness for the phone to ensure proper presence for what they probably feel is a blockbuster phone. So how do you sell a beautiful and slick phone? With beautiful models of course.

Set in a mall, this T-Mobile store has been outfitted with a shower to showcase the phone’s waterproof technology with beautiful and plentiful female model to attract the tech hungry men in the crowd while a lean and built male model offers the counter role for would be women smartphone buyers. While this is probably a marketing that is extremely local, judging by the crowd, you have to admit that it’s accomplished its goal of attracting people to the sexy models phone.

You can find more information about the Sony Xperia Z from the official Sony Xperia Z page.


Do you think this is an advertising campaign that Sony should follow through and expand for the Xperia Z?

  • If they had a salesman or women beside the box they probably would’ve suckered me in while drooling. On the other hand without a salesman they just have another average Joe taking his sweet time walking by.

  • Yea, I guess you don’t want just a “booth babe” experience. Somebody should be there to reel you in and close the deal.