Why ‘The Rock’ is the Perfect Actor to Play Kratos in a ‘God of War’ Movie


Jonathan York, the self proclaimed right hand of Sony Santa Monica, tweeted the above picture which inspired this entire post. Over the last five years, we’ve seen Hollywood’s take at what a God of War movie could be like. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, then you need to purchase Clash of the Titans and more importantly, Wrath of the Titans on Blu-ray and just sit back and enjoy. After you’re done with it, tell me that that’s not how a God of War movie could/would be like. I’m personally a fan of the two movies and despite what you may think of them, it proves that thematically and technically, a God of War movie is now 100% plausible.

Much like the games, a GoW movie offers a unique and untapped world to viewers with a very different ‘hero’ which is a nice change of pace for gamers and moviegoers alike. So if a movie were to happen, who would you want to play the lead antagonist, Kratos?

God of War Movie - The Rock

Having followed Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson from his time at WWF to his ever busy movie career, my money has to immediately go to him. The first thing about Kratos is that he is big and physical and no movie magic can replicate that, thus ensuring that the actor who portrays him has to equally offer those traits. That automatically locks out a series of wonderful actors yet The Rock still fits the role perfectly. Why?

Besides the obvious towering figure that he offers to the role, he’s also a capable actor. Have you seen him in SNL, Be Cool, or The Other Guys? The man has fantastic comedic timing while films like Gridiron Gang and Journey to the Center of the Earth prove that he’s also able to tap into a more emotional state. Still yet, Kratos, like The Rock, has yet to break down and have a full on emotional scene, thus ensuring a further compatibility between the actor and his video game counterpart.

God_Of_War_Movie_The_Rock_3That’s why in the end, I believe The Rock is the only choice to play Kratos. While he can easily offer the physicality, power, and rage that Kratos poses, he’s also a more than capable actor who can bring some of the more heartfelt moments of the series to the big screen, thus ensuring that Kratos does not become a 2D character and instead one that the audience can relate to.


Who would you want to play Kratos in a God of War movie?

  • DarthDiggler

    Let me preface this with I am not a wrestling fan but I do like Dwayne Johnson. I don’t want to see him play Kratos though. I would prefer to see an unknown put in the role for one to make sure the sequels get the same actor.

    Also I don’t think that The Rock has what it takes to carry a serious role like Kratos. I think he would do better than Hayden Christensen did with Anikin Skywalker, but I haven’t seen the Rock in anything that require a great deal of depth.

    He does have the body for it I will say that. Just not sure if I get Spartan Greek General from “The Rock”.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    I’d like to see the actor who played Kratos in the “From Ashes” trailer. He’s perfect, no Rock, no Vin Diesel, nothing like that!

  • NinjaTR

    Kratos is as much suffering as he is a killer. The rock is simply not tailored for this, and I honestly don’t see any actor for now who is intense enough to get this role… and I’m not just talking about people who could “look” like him.
    You can bet that if a movie director chooses the Rock, the guy will only care about “looking like”, and the movie is going to be average at most for fans, and B Series quality for others.

  • Have you seen him in rolls like Run Down?

  • Another name I’ve heard tossed around is Jason Mamoa from Stargate: Atlantis. He recently played a mercenary/killer in ‘Bullet To The Head’ and was pretty damn ruthless. He would be an interesting cast. He’s also a pretty big guy.

  • ted

    if you look at the making of, he really doesn’t look like Kratos

  • Uh…

    Or…you know the guy that played him the Ascension commercial. Just get that dude to do it, and get Terrence “TC” Carson to do the voice, they did that with Gina Carano in “Haywire”.

  • RiPPeR7666

    i second Jason Mamoa hes a great actor and big enough for the role

  • wait good people hear me out i have a actor for you. its a wrestler like The Rock but more kratos like but idk if he’s a good actor like the rock. this person is Goldberg. i picked him because 1. he look and fit like kratos. 2. he has the rage and ferocity of kratos , you can see it in the ring and 3rd he has the spear which make him looks badass like kratos. now just picture him with powder on, kratos red markings, the chain blades and watch him spear and enemy in a god of war movie. it would be epic am i right or am i right??? watcha think guys??? let me get some feedback of pros and cons!!

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Yeah but in the trailer he’s perfect, i could be the same for the movie.

  • DarthDiggler

    Yeah he was a good Arnold subsitute but the guy doesn’t have a lot of acting depth. I have never seen him in something and said “hey is that the Rock?”. It’s always obvious its the Rock which is great for action popcorn movies, but if we are going to have a decent God of War movie there needs to be as much plot and character development as there is bloodshed. Otherwise its Texas Chainsaw Massacre in Greece.

    I think you mean Roles not Rolls. :)

  • DarthDiggler

    If this guy has a good “roar” he could work. Kratos is a very vocal role. He definitely has the look, but maybe he is wearing that midsection thing to hide some flabby abbs. :) LOL

  • DarthDiggler

    There is probably a reason I haven’t seen Goldberg act in anything. :)

  • But the think is, Kratos isn’t all that vocal. Generally, he’s just yelling people’s name and chasing them down.

  • Yea, I dunno about Goldberg

  • gerhard

    As a die hard god of war fan, there is only 1 actor that can bring the intensity and rage that is required from Kratos. And then there is also the physical ability and arrogant calmness that I think the rock will portray the best. Go watch the movie Faster and the fight scene in fast 5. POINT MADE!!!!

  • Lovely Risky

    as a die hard fun of god of war say the only and final person to make the movie look real just like the game is “The Rock Dwayne Johnson”

  • Couldn’t agree more :)