Thanks to the FCC, Sony Xperia Z Heads to T-Mobile

Sony Xperia Z FCC_09

The FCC is an important part of the tech world. While it might be invisible to consumers, any device, be it a tablet, smartphone, or portable gaming machine that carries a wireless chip must pass through the doors of the FCC. The latest device to do so is the Sony Xperia Z, the flagship Android smartphone from Sony that was unveiled at CES 2013. While the job of the FCC is to tear apart tech and reveal their internals for documenting, this can also inadvertently reveal carrier praetorships due to the specific wireless chipsets that are be used for compatibility with networks. In the case of the Xperia Z, the documentation alone outlines the carrier support for the Xperia Z which has T-Mobile listed. While not the fanfare we would have liked to see, this also isn’t the official announcement from Sony or T-Mobile. Expect to hear something for concrete in the  coming days. But there you have it folks, the Sony Xperia Z gets its first major US carrier which indicates an AT&T version might not be far behind since the two networks share many common networking and spectrum traits. If gutted tech is your thing, after the jump you can find the entire gallery from the Sony Xperia Z FCC teardown.


Do you think Sony will also announce a partnership with AT&T, Verizon, and/or Sprint for the Xperia Z?

[Via FCC]

  • Gantrioch

    Verizon and Sprint are a no because Sony Mobile has little to no interest in their networks, and a close source of mine has mentioned that discussions with AT&T have been over and done with.

    I’m kind of glad, because even though I stick with AT&T for their much better network coverage, I think T-Mobile is in a position to give AT&T a kick in the pants, especially with some nice phones like the Xperia Z.

  • So you think the discussions with AT&T are over and an announcement will eventually come or that they never led anywhere?

    In regards to Sprint/Verizon, you are right. Since they are so different from other international carriers, those are usually where phones come last when they have plenty of other carrier support and are just going for marketshare at that point.

  • Gantrioch

    One source of mine has said that Sony tried hard to get AT&T to sign the Xperia Z, but AT&T had no interest.

    Also, my Concierge, another source, mentioned that Sony Mobile is in talks with “a” carrier, and I asked “T-mobile?”, and she said “Maybe” and I pushed back “T-Mobile?”, and she switched to “Probably” haha. The “a” is key.

    Maybe AT&T will like the Honami, but at this point, I find myself rooting for T-Mobile, even though they’re not my carrier.

  • Seems that for Sony, they unfortunately have a horrible track record with carrier partnership. They sort of tried with the Xperia PLAY and that really got zero traction. Seeing how they have no real US presence and the other 3 operators work on subsidized pricing model, it’s no surprise that they wouldn’t want to take a risk with Sony either.

  • I’m happy to FINALLY see a Sony device coming to T-Mobile. I was considering the a new Nexus if there is one later this year, but now the Xperia Z is thrown back in the mix. I water proof phone means a lot to me.