Editorial: A Budding Love For PSN


For those of you who read my last editorial, this next one might seem a bit confusing. And while yes, I certainly do think the Playstation Store loading time is WAAAAAYYYYYYYY TOOOOOOO LLOONNNGGGGGGGG, what lies behind the spinning circle of loading time agony is a poorly-organized gold mine. The Playstation Store has a plethora of various exclusive titles that are available to download, and as I have very recently begun to get over my aversion to digital games, I have found some amazing ones that I’ve loved playing.

I am a gamer and also a collector, so purchasing a game digitally is not my first choice. I also don’t particularly like the idea of spending 60.00 on downloading a newly-released game when for the exact same price I can get a disc, and the case for my display wall, and probably a steelbook or DLC or pre-order bonus. However, the budding love I have for PSN comes from the strictly digital PSN games, and there are a couple reasons why my love is growing.

1. They are unique

Games like Journey or The Unfinished Swan are not just games; they’re experiences. There’s something special about them that wouldn’t quite work the same if it needed to be “worth” what a full-priced title is. The shorter play time, or lack of multiplayer, or simplicity of design in these is something only successful through a platform like PSN. Something like The Walking Dead game came out episodically – again, something that only could succeed through the digital world, and an approach that drew you in and left you wanting more. And while games like Rainbow Moon or Dragon Fantasy Book 1 are not necessarily unique in a historical sense, they are unique in today’s market. Old school RPG style games are not common anymore, and still having a source to play new iterations of this theme is refreshing.


2. They are cheap(er)

PSN exclusive games have an incredibly accessible price point, with very few exclusives hitting over the 20 dollar mark. Getting a new game these days can be expensive, and unless you want to wait 6 months for the price to drop you have to spend it to avoid spoilers and be a part of the conversation. PSN games are affordable enough to buy on release, without breaking the bank, and allow you to play day one with everyone else, share your experience, and be a part of that early excitement that everyone loves. Recently I bought Costume Quest for 7.49 (thank you PS Plus!) and for a 4-5 hour game, I am having tons of fun and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg!

3. They are short (sometimes)

I, like most of the world, am a busy girl, and if my game isn’t available on a platform I can only dedicate an hour or two at a time. Trying to get into a game, even if its projected gameplay time is 20 hours, would take me weeks to get through, and after so long you forget what was happening and fail to get into the storyline. These PSN games, however, are more often than not a shorter game, and are manageable for a person on the go like me. Of course there are exceptions, but if you’re looking for something cheaper to play that’s relatively new, then your best best is on the Playstation Store.


I hope that the library for PSN continues to grow into the upcoming console generation (and for the love of God it better be compatible with PS3 games or I will not be a happy person). The Playstation 4 is rumoured to not only focus more on cloud gaming and digital downloads, but also to come already packed with much more storage space than its predecessor. I am sitting on 160GB right now, and they are PACKED with games, DLC, and mostly (argh) updates. More space and cheaper titles in the coming console generation would, in my opinion, be a smart move for Sony to make. PSN exclusives and AAA titles alike would find a welcome home on the store, and like Steam and the Ouya, could be the right direction to take gaming in general.

Now just fix that store layout and load time.


What PSN exclusive games do you love, and what would you like to see more of? Let me know in the comments!


  • I have to say that one of my favorite games on PSN is Fat Princess. It’s a silly but very fun multiplayer game.