Sony Closed Captioning Glasses Come to 6,000 Regal Theaters

Sony Closed Captioning Glasses

Nearly two years ago, Sony announced the development of digital glasses, capable of projecting subtitles only for those who wear them. The idea then was to give those with special needs like hard of hearing an enjoyable experience at movie theaters. Sony’s Tim Potter, who is part of this project in UK, explained it like this:

  What we do is put the closed captions or the subtitles onto the screen of the glasses so it’s super-imposed on the cinema screen, [making it look] like the actual subtitles are on the cinema screen. 

Despite being a bit behind schedule, the glasses are now a thing of reality and Regal has committed to providing them in 6,000 theaters.

For nearly a year now, Sony has been working on a US rollout but with 6,000 Regal theaters soon to be onboard with them, this marks the biggest expansion of the device. Regal expects to fully equip 6,000 chains by the end of May. This marks a $10 million invest by the cinema chain with each closed captioning glasses costing $1,750 per pair though they will be free of charge to consumers.


Have you ever used these type of glasses or specifically the Sony closed captioning glasses? If so, what was your experience with them?

[Via LA Times]

  • Starbeary

    Yes, I have used these devices.

  • How did you like it? I’ve heard some people who love it and others who say they are too heavy.