Sony 13.3-inch e-ink Tablet with Flexible Display Demoed

Sony E-ink Tablet Display Demo

Remember that Sony 13.3-inch e-ink tablet from last week? The one capable of running for three weeks on a single charge? Despite it not being available till late 2013 to select Japanese universities, Sony is further teasing the technology. This time around, E Ink’s TFT tech, the company and technology behind the flexible display, is showing off the screen’s capabilities, like being flexed while still offering touchscreen capabilities. This makes it a remarkably robust product for those in the medical profession, construction industry, and students who want the familiarity of paper in a digital format, something that tablets still don’t offer. Due to that, the unit itself will be bigger than traditional tablets since it’s meant to replicate a full size A4 paper, but still weigh far less than tablets half its size at just 60 grams.

If you’re looking for the flexible screen in action, just head over to Engadget who was able to catch up with the display manufacture and see the e-ink tablet in  action.


Do you see a future in e-ink tablet market?

  • Is that thing in the picture it? If so, that crap looks amazing. Doesn’t look anything like a screen. More like a laminated report.

  • Yea, that is the real display. Touchscreen and all.

  • I completely ignored that it’s touchscreen. This is impressive.