Sony X Headphones Unboxing (video)

Featured Sony X Headphones Unboxing

When it comes to headphones, there is no shortage of selection on the market. If you’ve had the chance to visit CES in the past two years, you probably walked away with the fact that every company under the sun makes some variation of the same headset. Some have skulls, some have butterflies, and some have hard core branding like Beats by Dre. While Sony has long been in the headphone business and makes a series of professional units, used in the entertainment industry, their consumer efforts have diminished over the past decade. To turn things around, Sony teamed up with Simon Cowell to make the Sony X Headphones (MDR-X05). Offered in various colors, these premium headphones are designed to be integrated with your iPhone and iPad with a built in mic and Siri control. After the jump, our video unboxing.


Does the Sony X Headphones interest you or are you satisfied with the standard earbuds that your smartphone tends to offer?