Next Generation Sony Internet Player with Google TV is Announced, Gains Voice Search

Sony Internet Player NSZ-GS8_2

You know what’s a platform that’s not gaining any traction? Google TV. Yet from the beginning, Sony has been a loyal soldier which had the company release a line of televisions around the platform and various setup boxes. Now Sony is following up with the NSZ-GS8, their next generation Google TV box. Like the previous model, the GS8 is meant to be a companion to your cable experience by taking in your cable signal and exporting it once again to your TV with more functionality like apps (Netflix, Hulu, Twitter etc.) and search, thanks to its Chrome browser. To help users better take control of this experience, Sony has added a microphone to their remote for voice search.

Sony Internet Player NSZ-GS8_3Thanks to the built in voice search feature, Sony hopes to make finding of content much easier. With no other apparent changes to it, it’s worth noting that a unique feature of the Sony Internet Player with Google TV is its remote control with a built in keyboard. Unlike other products that might make you use the direction pad to scroll around and type, the NSZ-GS8 like its predecessor makes the task much easier by allowing you to utilize a full QWERTY keyboard.

The Sony Internet Player with Google TV (NSZ-GS8) will be available in in early July for $199.


Are you interested at all by the Google TV platform?

[Via Sony]

  • The only difference between this new one and the previous model (NSZ-GS7) is the inclusion of the voice feature.

    Has anyone used the previous model? The controller alone looks pretty cool so I’m tempted now.

  • I’ve used the previous one and if you believe in the Google TV platform, then it’s probably the best implemented one. The keyboard on the remote makes navigation wayyyy easy and it’s a fairly powerful device

  • Is it something you use frequently? I’m trying to see if it’s something I can work into my regular routine rather than say ‘cool’ and have it collect dust.

  • Honestly, it’s dust. Again, if you’re really into the platform, it’s a good device but seeing how my TiVo is my main driver of TV shows, I float between my AppleTV or PS3 for media stuff like Netflix and Hulu. And I really don’t need Twitter on my TV. My phone or tablet is always better ya know?