How Does PlayStation Thank Their Developers at E3?

PlayStation loves developers. They even made shirts up to prove it. But how do you show your big partners just how much you appreciate them? Why, custom PlayStation 3s, of course!

Adam Boyes, Vice President of Developer Relations for PlayStation and one of the men responsible for this awesome video, took to Twitter on the last day of E3 to show off some of the wonderful custom PS3 units being given to some of the biggest developers out there. Created by graphic design artist Javier Riquelme, these awesome mods are one-of-a-kind, so don’t head to your local GameStop expecting to pick up one of these beautiful consoles.


The team at Gearbox with a custom Borderlands 2 PS3


A GTA V PS3 bundle is coming, but not with this!


Bungie returns to the PlayStation in style




Even Bruce Wayne doesn’t have one of these


Columbia loves their PlayStation


That’s actual wood paneling!


According to Adam Boyes, the one that started it all

Pretty incredible, right? Be sure to hit the links above to follow Javier’s great creations, Adam’s tireless work to bring new developers — large and small — to the PlayStation family, and follow Sony Rumors for all the latest and greatest PlayStation content.


Seriously, how cool are those things?!

  • CeraTopz

    that Assassin’s Creed one is to die for!

  • Brien B.

    I know! So freaking gorgeous.

  • Amy Elyse Brighter

    I’ll take I AC one, and one Batman. Thanks, bill me later.

  • Yea, sweet mother, those are beautiful.