Sony Xperia Z Ultra vs. Nexus 7 in Pictures

Nexus 7 vs Xperia Ultra Z

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is an interesting device. Not quite a smartphone with its 6.4-inch 1080 display and yet it’s not quite a tablet with smaller units like the Nexus 7 and iPad Mini offering a 7-inch display. If anything, the Xperia Z Ultra (pictured right), which I’ll call a Phablet, was designed to compete with other Phablets out there like the Samsung Galaxy Note series which houses a 5.5-inch display. So how does the Xperia Z Ultra size up against the recently released Nexus 7 tablet from Google/Asus? After the jump, we have plenty of pictures comparing the two devices.


Would you prefer to own a tablet like the Nexus 7/iPad Mini or have a Phablet like the Sony Xperia Z Ultra?

[Via RingHK]

  • azizsnineteen88psnpensive7

    The Xperia Z L is a monster of a phone. I don’t like big phones. I currently have an iPhone 5 & I wish the device was curved around the edges. It’s too sharp to hold compared to other phones like the Galaxy S 4 and the Lumia 920.

  • This is just embarrassing. WHY IS IT SO BIG! geez. Samsung and Sony need to stop with the giant stuff. Even HTC is about to release their own giant phone soon.

  • My problem with Sony phones is they never release for all major networks. I would have an Xperia Play if it came out for Sprint.

  • I couldn’t agree with you more. I was siked to get the Xperia Z, but I ended up getting the Galaxy S 4. Why? When the Xperia Z hit T-Mobile in the U.S.A., the phone was already like 6 months old.

    If you’re not a T-Mobile customer, then you still can’t get Sony’s latest.

  • And even then, you’re dealing with a delay so it makes it so so hard to rely on them in the West.

  • Yea, this escalation is getting idiotic. That’s why in none of the promotions, they show anybody making a phone call with it. Cause you’ll look like an idiot lol

  • I didn’t realize that. You don’t see people making calls on the big devices. So they obviously are aware of their stupidity….