Sony Releases New PS3 ‘pay-per-view’ Live Events Viewer App

PS3 Live Events Viewer App

If you’ve been raising your cord cutting initiative but haven’t been able to fully commit due to pay-per-view events from WWE and UFC to name a few then listen up. Sony has released a new and free app for the PlayStation 3 that will help you end your cable subscription. The new Live Events Viewer app gives PS3 owners the capability to subscribe to pay-per-view events like this Sunday’s WWE SummerSlam without any cable subscription. While the app itself is free, you will still have to pay the normal fees that apply with the event. Sony hopes to expand the apps content with concerts, races, and more.

Downloading the free Live Events Viewer app is as easy as:

  1. Log on to the PlayStation Store on your PlayStation 3 system.
  2. Scroll down to the Apps section and find Live Events Viewer for download.
  3. Once the Live Events Viewer is downloaded, find it on the XMB under TV/Video Services.
  4. Log on with your PSN or Sony Entertainment Network username and password.
  5. Then, enjoy watching WWE’s SummerSlam this Sunday, including the pre-show starting at 4:00pm Pacific Time (7:00pm Eastern), and other to-be-announced live events on the Live Events Viewer.

With a host of apps available on the PS3 and likely the PS4 like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, and Movies Unlimited, cord cutting continues to become more enticing which begs the question.


Are you looking to download and utilize the pay-per-view Live Events Viewer App? And have you thought about cutting the cord?

[Via PlayStation Blog]