Editorial: SonyRumors Predicts: Gamescom


Here at SonyRumors, we’re excited for Gamescom. We’re so excited we’re doing a live-blog of Sony’s PlayStation media briefing this morning! But before the conference officially kicks off, we thought we’d give you our educated guesses, predictions, and a few hopeful wishes for what we’ll see tomorrow at Koelnmesse in Cologne.

And cats. Yep.

SRN_3_Sohrab_ProfileSohrab Osati, Editor-in-Chief: I’ve periodically heard rumors about Beyond: Two Souls also coming out for PS4 so that would be interesting, seeing how we’ve already seen a tech demo from Quantic Dream for the PS4. Heard similar things, though I find them less likely, that The Last of Us will also come out for PS4.

With that said, I think the PS3 will get an official price drop and the 12GB unit [for North America] will be announced. (Editor’s Note: it’s available now in the US and Canada.) I think we’ll also get a firm launch date for the PS4 and crossing fingers for a Vita price drop as well.

Brien Bell, Associate Editor: Though Gamescom is a Sony Europe event, I’d really love to hear what one of the Sony Santa Monica teams–Stig’s, Corey Barlog’s, whoever else is running shop down there now–has in the works. With Tearaway getting closer to release, even a hint at MediaMolecule’s next project would be great, but I doubt we’ll see that.

What I do think we’ll see: the PS4’s release date, at least for the US, UK and Japan. If they’re smart, they give us release dates for all of Europe and Asia; if they’re crafty like they were at E3, they highlight release dates for all 9 of the countries that Microsoft just said would be pushed to 2014 for the Xbox One’s launch.

And please, please, please give us a worldwide PS Vita price drop. If you really want to win people over, drop prices on the memory cards too.

Sohrab:  Yea with a ton of indie games and PS4 support, it’s the perfect time to drop the price on the Vita and get people onboard again. Then introduce a slimmer version next year to continue the excitement and relevancy of it.

SRN_3_Allegra_ProfileAllegra Wilson, Managing Editor:  I agree on the Vita memory card price. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about how high it is, and I think it would benefit Sony to take those feelings into consideration. Granted, who knows what they have up their sleeve?

As for the PS4, I’m really hoping for a PS4+Vita bundle on launch. I’ve heard that it could be as affordable as $500 and to me that sounds like a steal. Sohrab and I have one Vita between the two of us and it would be fantastic to have one of my own (so that I can stop giving him trophies!  I mean… ahem.) I know many of you already have a Vita and although they have been selling pretty well I’d say that a good portion of the people out there don’t have one yet, and that deal would be pretty enticing.

As for the 12GB unit, that seems absurdly small to me but I also see the reasoning behind having it (let’s not mention the fact that I have a 16GB iPhone/iPad mini… hush you!). I will be getting a larger phone next time around because I now see the value in having more space. However, the reason why I’ve gotten the base model from the beginning is due to price. I can see why many people would spring for the smaller but cheaper console – as Sohrab pointed out to me, they will always have the option of trading up for a bigger hard drive. So many people make their purchasing decisions based on price rather than memory. It makes sense for Sony to dip their toes in that market.

SRN_3_Sarah_ProfileSarah Ingram, Associate Editor: Did anyone say Vita/PS4 bundle? Vita/PS4 bundle?

Also Uncharted.

Maybe a playable cat for Battlefield 4?

Just kidding… but maybe…



What’s going to happen at Gamescom? Will we get a PS3 and/or PS Vita permanent price drop? Will the PS4 come out in October? November? Let us know what you think is going to happen. Or whether Battlefield 4 will have playable cats.

  • Steve

    PS4 launch date (end of October)
    2 New IP’s (PS4)
    3 sequels (PS4)
    FFXIV announced for PS4 (December release?)

    2 new IP’s from 1st party (Vita)

    Vita price drop along with a price drop on mem cards
    Release date for Beyond, Until Dawn and GT6
    FFVII Remake for Vita!!! (wishful thinking)

  • Tone Robert

    seeing as Watch_Dogs doesn’t release until Nov 22nd the PS4 can’t launch before then as W_D is a launch title for it.

  • CeraTopz

    launch titles can be anything released in the first 2 months or so, so don’t count anything out yet!

  • Tone Robert

    November 29th launch in UK 😀

  • Papa Derp

    Even with only a $50 price cut I was kind of expecting for Andrew House to be “pleased to announce that the PS4 will also be bundled with PS Vita for $500″ from the way he was talking towards the end, like a lot of us were hoping for.