‘Rime’ Looks Like ‘ICO’ Meets ‘Windwaker’ on PS4

Rime Gamescom

Sony’s Gamescom conference unveiled a lot of creative new titles for PS Vita and PS4, almost two dozen in total. One that caught a lot of peoples attention was Rime from Tequila Works, makers of last year’s PC and 360 shooter Deadlight. Michael Denny, senior vice president of Sony Worldwide Studios, described the game as “an open-world adventure game which takes us on a voyage of discovery and danger” to discover the mystery of “civilization monumentally powerful but inexplicably brought to ruin.” Check out some screenshots after the break.

The cel-shaded adventure title is a departure from the dark wastelands of Deadlight, and looks to be yet another creative and gorgeous game that will be exclusive to Sony’s new platform, at least at launch. Be sure to check out the Rime‘s debut during the PlayStation press conference at Gamescom on YouTube for more on this intriguing new title. Rime will be coming to the PlayStation 4, though no release window has been announced.


What was your favorite new PS4 title announced at Gamescom? Since it was a European conference, should it be ‘favourite’? Hash it out in the comments.

  • Game sure does look beautiful. Do we know if it’s action/adventure or action/RPG?

  • Brien B.

    The quote I used from the conference is almost everything we know so far. :)

  • Well fine! Way to not have super secret insider information =P

  • Brien B.

    Sorry for being SonyFacts instead of SonyRumors today. 😉

  • Aziz

    What ICO should have looked like. This is purposefully made to look like ICO’s spiritual successor. How disappointing that such a talented & culture changing studio failed to deliver anything last gen, while others are already mimicking their works. I’m so mad at team ICO! Someone from Naughty Dog has to pay them a visit! The Last Guardian is not going to cut it. They have to revise their tools & dream of a better vision & start pumping out games, damn it!

    Now with Fumito Ueda gone, I wonder what he’s doing next & who’s going to take his place at the studio. *cries*

  • Aziz

    Most beautiful visuals I’ve seen in a game yet. How ready were they showing all that! Notice how the typography used in RIME is so similar to ICO’s!

  • Hoping the PS4 can be a return to those types of games which were really absent on the PS3.

  • Yea, that studio seems like a mess internally. Sony really needs to clean house because they have a talented team there. They just need to get behind a vision and understand deadlines.

  • Heather Atkinson

    This looks amazing!


    These games are why I love Playstaion so damn much!

  • So true.