Leaked: PlayStation RealEyes + PlayStation Move 2 for Morpheus to Be Revealed at E3 (updated 3x)

PlayStation_Move_2_00Just days before E3, the PlayStation Move 2 controller for Morpheus, the VR headset from Sony for PlayStation 4, has been leaked.

More pics and info after the jump.


The information reads

PlayStation RealEyes + PlayStation Move 2 (Prototype)

 Put yourself at the center of ____ worlds by slipping on a visor-style, head-mounted display, currently in development by Sony Computer Entertainment. Get other players involved ____ Morpheus creates two sets of images: one for the headset and one for a TV, so everyone can join in. Hear details above, below and around you with stunning ____ to 3D audio technology.

PlayStation RealEye and Move 2 will ____ together a nonpareil experience. Reflections, focus, stamina, is what you’re going to need. Gaming is changing forever. 

You’ll notice due to the image we have, we couldn’t make out all the words. Equally, some parts of the wording seem rough as if it were a direct translation which is not always clear. From the wording, it also seems to indicate that we might see a new PlayStation Eye successor. The wording also seems to hint that you’ll be able to play games with a friend with one putting on Morpheus and the other playing on the TV screen.


Of course we would have a server meltdown the day of this leak. Thanks for your patience everybody. Because of that, here is one more picture:


Update 2:

Obviously the main E3 press conference has come and gone and we’ve yet to see the PlayStation Move 2. Unlike Microsoft which talked in a bit more detail about Hololens (though we don’t know a lot), Sony only briefly mentioned Morpheus, adding that they have several games they are developing and that you’ll be able to play with friends which our leak above confirmed as well. With Morpheus still nearly a year away from release, the above leaks could still hold true as there is a lot we still don’t know, including how you will navigate the VR world. Keep in mind that prior and post E3, developers hold many private events as they’re all already gathered in a single location which makes unveiling of new hardware and software easier to one and other.

While the images could prove to be fake, I still believe them to be real and that the only mistake was that they would be shown to audiences during E3 where instead, Sony was planning to show it to its development community with a public unveiling likely later this year.

Update 3:

It’s clear by now that this rumor didn’t pan out. It’s hard to say if there was ever merit to it or not but please keep in mind that until we see otherwise, Sony has yet to announce an update to PlayStation Move.


Would you be willing to give the PlayStation Move 2 a try?

Thanks to our anonymous tipster!

  • Fr33Kingdom

    I get it but i miss the ball and wand design. I mean it’s important for both controllers to have motion control, but i feel like this design will lead to everyone just thinking “hands” when it comes to motion control ideas(not like we’ll be seeing much of those anyway).

  • Anders

    They should just use the Navigation Controller instead. That has every button you need and triggers.

  • TheOaklandGamer

    yup, two navigation controllers is what i’ve always said

  • fake
  • TheSlythe

    It would, except the navi has no motion control or tracking device.
    Ive always said that they should have gone with two wands, with thumbsticks on

  • TheSlythe

    It would, except the navi has no motion control or tracking device.
    Ive always said that they should have gone with two wands, with thumbsticks on

  • The Last Colossus

    wtf, obviously fake.

  • Jessika S.

    This doesn’t look real to me, this controllers have no Analog Sticks so how are we suppose to move around in the world.

  • Jessika S.

    This doesn’t look real to me, this controllers have no Analog Sticks so how are we suppose to move around in the world.

  • Admir Karalic

    Maybe touch points…

  • Failz

    The Wii Mote had no analog sticks either.

  • Sacha Salvatore Morgese

    It did, the nunchuck. Same for the first move with the navigation controller. We have two parts and no analog stick, that sounds totally wrong.

  • Failz

    Maybe you just tilt both numb chucks forward or back to move around. Remember its VR, u wont be playing side scroller platform games on it.

  • Jessika S.

    It had the attached controller that had the analog stick so that you can walk around and the PlayStation Move also had the same. This two together if real could only be used for one thing mini games and nothing more.

  • Alex Serrano

    I really hope the price point is good.Im not SO excited about it enough to lose any sleep if it doesnt come ouf soon. Good old fasioned gaming is all i need….and a nice tv…and a nice sound bar but thats all.

  • Valkyrine

    same. I’m thinking it’s going to be around $149 – $199. With the tech and controllers I can’t see it being any cheaper…might be more though.

  • Yea, I do wonder if with VR, you don’t really need a controller. You are the controller as in, if you’re standing but running in place, then your character will run in place. However, you need buttons because there is no easy way in VR to simulate weapon switching or different abilities etc.

  • Guy

    First of all, the name of Morpheus seemed to change to RealEyes, which I really don’t like. Morpheus is so much better.
    Secondly, I don’t get why they couldn’t have on the right remote the 4 buttons and a trigger (without an analog stick to look around) and the left remote with the d-pad, trigger and analog stick to move. Simple.

  • XanderZane41

    Looks like crap. This has to be a prototype. Either that or this whole thing is fake. Hopefully it’s fake. If Sony shows this at the E3, they will be laughed at. I’m still waiting to see some real Morpheus games.

  • GotNews4Ya

    This guy is right.. It seems that they deemed Morpheus as “Playstation RealEyes” IT is pretty clear through the description it is giving.. that it is talking about the New Virtual Reality Headset when they are calling it “RealEyes”

  • BoyBigEyes

    Real… eyes….? Oh no….

  • LarZen

    This is faker then a woman at a bar looking for free drinks.

  • jacksjus

    I thought the original set was suppose to be compatible? This is some BS if true.

  • Hvd

    well no one cared about ps move before so they said we arnt going to lose money on it and make it a Morpheus requirement..lolz at ps4

  • Tjaldid

    Unless it is flat with a touch surface/trackpad, but the main problem is how is it going to be tracked since there isn’t a 360° led light to be tracked?

  • Jason Forehand

    LOL to you THE village idiot. I bought a Move edition PS3 and love it. Without a doubt, Sony’s products are better in terms of quality and practicality.

  • lancep2015

    If their is PlayStation Move 2 even if doesn’t work solo I well get it.

  • PewPew

    Sony closed their stores in Canada, so i got the playstation camera for like 30 bucks, i would never have bought it if Morpheus wasn’t compatible with it………….if they’re gona claim some crap like ps4 camera doesn’t work with morpheus im gona be pissed off and abandon sony. tired of getting jipped.

  • PewPew

    i dont see the need to have 2 buttons action buttons on each controller…..could have easily made 4 on the right side….you know….like we’ve been using since Ps1, since sega gensis, since super nintendo…..its simple really…..left for movement, right for actions…….Sony already screwed up the Canada/US PSN Store with its weird layout (i cant even find the game list anymore lol) mean while the japanese psn store seems to have better improvements.

  • PewPew

    seems like you’re the village idiot.


    looks like you stand alone with your infatuation with the Move. Even Sony thinks you’re a dumbass.

  • Joseph Shivak

    I’d test it.. give me a use for my ps4 camera.. i’m curious how well this will work with people with glasses.

  • Dai10zin

    Did you happen to read past the misleading / incorrect click-bait headline?
    No, I imagine not.

  • Hvd

    you are one of the only 5 people that did. im the iidiot..lolz the ps move was crap no one bought it.so now they are rehashing it for the vr so they dont loose money on it its not that hard to see

  • Hvd

    the ps move was an epic fail.now you are forced tobut it for vr..lolz.thay arnt going to loose money on that crap so they made it a req. for vr.open your eyes.

  • Jason Forehand

    Fail to whom? Sales? Or reliability? You obviously never played with the move

  • Jason Forehand

    Nintendo? Lmfao because the Wii did soo well

  • Jason Forehand

    Pull up the sales numbers and i guarantee you more than 5 people purchased and loved the Move edition

  • Jason Forehand

    Please let us know how Nintendo is doing with their vaunted WII U and it’s fails… We will be waiting

  • PewPew

    you’re focused on the website’s name than the point of the article. But no problem here are a couple more to support the argument.




    Congratz on looking like a dumbass, again.

    The WiiU is balls, everyone knows it. You may enjoy the Playstation Move, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s nothing more than an add on that people forgot about.

  • sockatume
  • Thanks for the link. Very interesting… So if I’m reading it right, he still says that PlayStation Move will be used for Morpheus?

  • Hello Sohrab! Ty for posting this info; you’re site is very interesting and I’ve bookmarked it. :) Question: Do you think that “PlayStation RealEyes” is the official name for Sony’s VR Headset, at least according to this leak? I mean, they could always just name it “PlayStation Morpheus,” although I doubt that. I’m really not liking the “PS RealEyes” name if it is indeed the name they are leaning towards. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony leaked this on purpose to get an idea of what the public thinks about in relation to the name, controllers, etc.! :p What do you think (Morpheus = RealEyes?)??? Ty again! :)

  • I think I saw on IGN or some other site (or YouTube video) that someone with glasses did indeed test it and made some comments about it. I ‘think’ that they said it was fine with glasses. I’d do a Google search… 😉

  • Thanks for being a reader! Those possibilities you included certainly exist and companies like Sony have done it in the past. It’s really hard to say because there is a ton we still don’t know about Morpheus and I believe there is a ton Sony is trying to figure out as well. My personal opinion is that PS RealEyes is an absolutely horrible name. It doesn’t really convey anything more or less than Morpheus and at least that sounds cool.

  • From what I’ve been told, glasses (obviously depending on style) shouldn’t be a problem.

  • I believe the PlayStation Camera should fully work with Morpheus. The real question was years ago, it was reported that PS Move would work with PS4. The question that stands now is, will PS Move work with PS4. Is there a reason? And Is there a Morpheus with Move combination that’s needed and if so, is it the rumored “Move 2″?

  • I was literally just reading Shuhei Yoshida’s interview from that link above (http://www.engadget.com/2015/06/17/an-intimate-chat-with-sony-playstation-shuhei-yoshida/#continued). Shu stated that this was “not a leak.” He said it was just someone who’s good at designing and that this is indeed a fake. :p So, now I guess we know. But yeah, “RealEyes” is/would be a terrible name anyways, lol. :p

  • djkoz78

    Sony needs new motion controls for VR with analog sticks to help move VR

  • I’m honestly surprised there hasn’t been a refresh with a new console (PS4) and entire new product (PS VR). Perhaps they had so many units sitting around and that the tech was good enough that it didn’t merit the cost?

  • djkoz78

    It will once game developers want fine tune control over their characters in game. I don’t understand why Sony would want to limit VR.

    Giving you 2 options to play one with a normal controller which is fine if the game calls for it without the amazing immersion of motion controls. Or a game that’s always on rails and you have to move wherever the game takes you without any control over that and no exploration and you can interact with the VR world for a limited time.

    I know Golem is using the tracking of the HMD to track when your head is tilted forward to move your character, but that’s a very slow paced title. And tilting your head forward would eventually get old. For fans like horror titles you really need fine tune control over your character. You need the ability to tip toe sometimes and the ability to haul ass others and only the analog stick gives you that level of control or unless Sony’s R&D develops a better and more accurate way to move in a game. However who wouldn’t want the best of both worlds?

    The fine tune control of analog sticks with the amazing immersion motion controls will give you in VR. I think Rift’s motion controls are the best of both worlds. It still has motion control and tracking, plus analog sticks, normal buttons, and the L1 L2 & R1 R2 triggers. Perfect. Sony take the hint.