Sony Electronics Sales Up 25% YTD in North America


For our readers in Europe, it’s sometimes hard to grasp the position Sony is in, seeing how the electronics giant still commands a presence and brand name there. In North America, the story is very different, with Sony holding a very low consumer mindshare and in turn, sales. Despite being battered down, Sony Electronics (different than Sony Mobile) is beginning to make great strides in North America. Late last week, we revealed how Sony has been the number one mirrorless camera maker for four years running (worldwide) and now comes news that sales are up 25% YTD in North America for Sony.

Some more interesting stats and a fancy chart after the jump.


Some takeaways from the chart above include a sharp rise in sales with Sony being up 13% for the quarter and 25% year to date (YTD). This is on top of costs being down 10% which when mixed when the rise in sales, helps explain Sony Electronics contribution back to the main corporation (36% YTD) which makes up Sony Electronics, Sony Mobile, Sony Pictures, Sony Music, PlayStation. Sony Electronics of North America includes the US and Canada and includes sales of TV, home audio, and cameras.

While a far cry from Sony becoming a leading electronics player with enough capital and resource to take on rivals like Apple and Samsung, it does show that after years of painful job cuts and division closures, that the behemoth corporation that is Sony is beginning to turn things around. It will be interesting to see Sony’s 2015 results when they’re reported in a few months’ time along what will likely continue be stellar PS4 sales, especially if rumors of a price cut pan out.


Do you think Sony is beginning to turn around their fortunes?

  • Low base trick. As old as corporate accounting itself.

  • RedGhost05

    That’s good to hear!

  • RbbrDcky

    As one of those former employees, I do believe that Sony still has a lot of innovation to bring to the marketplace so I’m very happy to see them produce some noteworthy results.

  • gameKontroller

    as a sony fan, sony is far from turning things around. how can an entire company rely on a game console? sony has cameras, audio equipment, and entertainment divisions. the mobile and tv divisions are another story. Sony needs to unify their products and start improving their software. This isn’t the 80’s or 90’s anymore. Beautiful quality products aint going to cut it anymore. I want an a software engineer to be a CEO of Sony not a guy that worked with game consoles and music. Too many old Japanese men run Sony. they need young business man and engineers for innovation. Until that day happens, this company won’t changed.