Sony Hi-Res Turntable Can Digitize Your Old Vinyls into Lossless Audio

CES 2016 - Sony Hi-Res Turntable

A product nobody was expecting but a core group of owners are cheering for is the Sony Hi-Res Turntable. Also known as the PS-HX500, this new turntable from Sony can, in its simplest form, play back any vinyls you have laying around. However, the magic of this device is shown when you connect it to your Mac or PC via a provided app and digitize all your old vinyls into lossless files.


Do you still purchase vinyls?

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    We have a document cabinet filled with old vinyls and we were looking for a turntable. My wallet will bleed this year 😀

  • Right? I’m curious how much it will cost. My personal guess is $299

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    My bet is around $349. At least in my country haha