Poll: Will Your Next Smartphone Be From the Xperia X Family?


With MWC 2016 now behind us, Sony is left with an entirely new family of phones that promises to take the throne of the Xperia Z5. Will you be buying one of the new Xperia X phones? Let us know in our poll after the jump!



What was your answer and why?

  • -DM-

    Waiting to see what they have to offer at IFA…right now this looks like midranger phones to me!
    So waiting to see if there is a real flagship coming, the x range looks nice but not a fan of that brushed metal back, kinda old school to my taste

  • Fruit. I’m tired of sony’s incompetence and lack of vision. Besides Iw ant full ecosystem – phone tab, notebook. iPhone, iPad and Macbook. Just works, status symbol, good quality products. I used to be an absolute apple hater, but I give up. They won. RIP sony.

  • Ana Helušić

    Definitely, xperia X hits the bullseye

  • You’re certainly not a lone. A lot of eyes are going to be locked on Sony during IFA because that will likely reveal their full 2016 portfolio.