Sony Ultra, the 4K HDR Streaming Service, Goes Live Today

Revealed at CES 2016, Ultra, the 4K streaming service from Sony, has officially gone live and is available on their entire line of 2016 Android 4K TVs which includes the X850D, X930D, and X940D. According to Sony:

 Films available on ULTRA will include new releases like Concussion, The Night Before and The Walk, and library titles such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Ghostbusters, priced at $30 in 4K with HDR 

4K aside, Ultra also supports 4K HDR movies, something that Netflix has also been heavily pushing with shows like Marco Polo. With native HDR included in Sony’s entire 2016 fleet of of 4K TVs, it should come as little shock that they’ve been awarded with Netflix’s Recommended TV badge. Jake Winett, VP, Consumer Services & Advanced Platforms at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment:

 ULTRA takes advantage of the latest industry innovations – 4K resolution, high dynamic range, a wider color spectrum, digital movie extras, and UltraViolet interoperability – so viewers get the most out of their televisions and their movie collections 

Let’s talk more after the jump about Sony Ultra.

Unsurprisingly, I’ve been unable to find a single official website from Sony or support document from them about the service to see any additional details. One has to assume since the service has gone live today, that a new firmware update is also available for the X850D and X930D series which will bring with the new Ultra app. Other good technical info would include what speeds Sony finds adequate for their streaming service.

Also, availability of movies would also be helpful. Basically, a portal that makes it known the service exists but I guess I’m asking too much. Even at the end of their own press release, Sony states:

 For additional information, go to 

but of course there is nothing there. Off to a great start, Sony!


Are you interested in Sony Ultra?

[Via Sony]