Sony XBR-A1E 4K OLED video preview

Between all the things that were and weren’t announced by Sony at CES, the biggest news of them all is easily their entry into the 4K OLED market – and they’re not going at it in a small way or in the form of a prototype that will eventually/hopefully materialize into a real product.

What Sony instead showed with the XBR-A1E was a fully-functioning 4K OLED TV that will be shipping in Spring 2017, but before I write a more in-depth piece on the gorgeous TV, here is a video preview.

  • yudi_hilmawan

    I don’t really get too excited with the new Sony OLED TV because most likely the panel is made by LG and also using LG OLED display technology.
    It will better if they can make new TV using their own OLED tech like the one in their Trimaster EL monitor or even using CLEDIS.

  • Ana Helušić

    Worst Sony show ever, disappointed