Sony files for patent infringement claims against Arris


Arris_Set_Top_BoxYou know what’s popular these days? Patent lawsuits. Not to be left out of the fun, Sony is filing their own complaints against Arris, the maker of the widely used cable modems.

 The U.S. International Trade Commission said on Wednesday it has launched a patent infringement investigation of television set-top boxes and other components that Arris International supplies to Comcast Corp and DirecTV for their Xfinity and Genie customers. 

Nothing quite says bleeding edge technology like set-top boxes, one of the biggest pieces of garbage tech that’s somehow yet to evolve past 2003. According to Reuters:

 The U.S. ITC said in a statement it had launched the probe in response to a complaint filed by Sony Corp of Tokyo and Sony Electronics of San Diego. Arris International PLC and its subsidiaries were named as respondents in the case, which alleges that Arris has imported digital and satellite television products that infringe upon Sony patents.