Sony Sells 140,000 Xperia Z Smartphones in First Week in Japan

Xperia Z

Many regular readers of this site and those generally interested in Sony can tell you that, while the company has faced many problems in the last decade, they’ve continued to churn out a steady flow of quality products. Extremely apparent with their PlayStation brand, Sony tends to release fine products and follow them through with some of the worst marketing campaigns in the world or, generally, none.

While it’s hard to tell if the following is due to a good marketing effort by Sony or general interest from consumers, the Sony Xperia Z has managed to sell 140,000 units in its first week in Japan. The Xperia Z had high praise during CES 2013 and has generally been treated well by journalists. NTT DoCoMo is the current provider of the Android smartphone who has called the launch:

 fairly encouraging start 

Maybe this is why Sony Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer has finally stepped down.


Do you think the outlook for the Xperia Z is good, despite the usual lack of proper marketing, or will the handset soar despite it?

  • Abdeslam Zennan

    I’m goint to get it instead of Iphone5

  • Romansrant

    I might have to open a new line just so I can upgrade early.

  • Yea, I really hope Sony properly markets this phone. They have such a winner on their hands.

  • Two very different phones in the end.

  • Lol iphone 5 is no match for Z, iphone is a class under

  • Trollbait

    I didn’t know prostitutes could afford overpriced phones with poor voice quality, poor viewing angles and abysmal battery life. Must have some cheap sugardaddy.