Sony Xperia ZL Image Gallery

Xperia ZL

Just yesterday, we reported that the Sony Xperia ZL is not only on track to come to the US, but will also be offered in the elusive and rumored red color. As a recap, the 5-inch display, 13.1 megapixels, 4G LTE, and NFC enabled device will be available in black, white, and red though Sony didn’t go as far as to give a specific timeframe, instead opting to go with the industry standard of ‘coming soon.’ Now, we’ve compiled a Sony Xperia ZL image gallery for your viewing pleasure. Just promise not to drool over the eye-popping red.


What do you think about the design of the Sony Xperia ZL?

  • great looking phone

  • Quite the beautiful phone, even though this is the ‘lower’ end model of the Xperia Z