Killzone: Mercenary Gameplay

Killzone: Mercenary

For good reason, Killzone: Shadow Fall has dominated gaming coverage with its beautiful and fluid graphics, giving would-be PlayStation 4 owners something to highly anticipate. But with the PlayStation 4 nearly 9 months away and still an undisclosed release date for Killzone: Shadow Fall, how should Killzone fans satisfy their appetite? Enter Killzone: Mercenary for the PlayStation Vita. This all-new FPS runs on the same graphic engine that powered Killzone 2 and 3 on the PlayStation 3 to deliver an orignal story in the Killzone universe. Thinking that the game might be a compromise, due to the Vita’s smaller screen? That’s what I thought too – until I saw a gameplay demo. After the jump, an off-screen demo gameplay of Killzone: Mercenary on PlayStation Vita!


Do you think Killzone: Mercenary will do the series justice on the PlayStation Vita?

  • Definitely shows promise for a great shooter on the Vita. It looks like a modified version of Killzone 3 that’s running on the Vita’s hardware. I wonder how the game controls (since COD and Resistance Burning Skies had horrible deadzones.