Sony Xperia Z Ultra to Launch in UK on September 13th

Sony Xperia Z Ultra in HandIt’s a smartphone, it’s a tablet, no, it’s a phablet! The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is one of those devices that it’s either everything you’ve wanted or you’re left scratching your head at it’s 6.4-inch display that is too small for a tablet and too big to be a phone. Either way, no matter where you stand, come this September 13th, the Xperia Z Ultra will be launching in the UK. You can expect to find in from Amazon UK, and retailers like Clove and Handtec. The high end device will run on Qualcomm’s latest 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800, with 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory, and 4G LTE connectivity and is expected to carry a £600 price tag.


Are you interested in purchasing the Xperia Z Ultra or is it too big for your smartphone needs and too small for a tablet?

[Via Xperia Blog]

  • Sam

    looks great, i hope it supports (app for video)

  • Papa Derp

    Phablet huh? Might as well be because it is too huge to be a phone.

  • Yea, I get Sony wants to compete with the Galaxy Note but this is just too big. 6.4-inches can only be carried in a bag, not a pocket unless you’re wearing maybe a rain coat.