PlayStation 4 Gets Approved by FCC, Also Capable of 2.75Ghz Max Clock Speed


Exactly a week after the PlayStation 4 dev unit passed through the FCC, the government regulatory agency responsible for inspecting any electronic with wireless functionality, comes word that they’ve also approved the PlayStation 4 for sale in the United States. In edition, while Sony has stated that the PS4 runs on an 8-core Jaguar CPU from AMD, capable of running at 2GHz, each core will actually run at lower clock speed of 1.6GHz. However, according to the FCC, each PS4 dev console is capable of running at 2.75GHz max speed which begged the question, were developers getting a more powerful console than the one that would be sold to consumers? Now, we know the answer.

According to the FCC, even the consumer version of the PS4 is capable of running each of its 8-cores at 2.75GHz. This means that in the future, should Sony see the need, they can increase the power of the PS4 with a firmware update. With the PS4 being more than 50% powerful than the Xbox One on announced specs, things could get a lot more interesting in a few years time.

Another thing that the FCC inspection has revealed is that Sony will be producing the PlayStation 4 in its home country of Japan and China. This marks a first for Sony to create a PlayStation in two different destinations which will surely help them offer a larger supply at the curtail launch period.


Why do you think Sony has opted to go with a lower clock speed?

[Via FCC]

  • azizsnineteen88psnpensive7

    So, not only is it 50% more powerful than the Xbox One, it can be a lot more powerful than 50% via an enabled future firmware upgrade?! *mind explodes*
    (Insert a future Uncharted game reference here!!!)

    This baby is so flexible. I don’t believe it will overheat! **_**
    I’m so exciiited!

    Sony! What kind of sorcery were you able to conjure with AMD to do this! Now I understand what Mark Cerny said in one interview where he clearly stated the PS4 will grow over time as developers spend more time working on it (just like the PS3 but on a grander level). I remember a theory someone posted a long time ago during the launch of the PS3 that was similar to this. However, there was a limitation on the Cell yield, which prevented Sony from doing much with the hardware.

    Now things are different. I have a strong feeling, that the PS4 will save sony, it’s their make-or-break opportunity & I don’t think they’ll stop. The Sony we saw at E3 is different, they’ll bring their new vision to their other divisions soon. It’s already evident with their new Xperias.

    I predict Occulus-like experiences for the PS4 in 2015.
    To infinity & beyond!

  • I know one of the things that Sony’s been talking about a lot is how cool the PS4 runs. Potentially, after some real world tests and when the need arise is when they choose to raise the clock speed.