PS4 Available Again for Launch Date on Amazon

Official PS4_28Sony received a standing ovation at E3 2013 when they announced that PlayStation 4 would cost $399, bringing it $100 under the Xbox One. Since then, the PS4 has been on short supply and quickly sells out of available pre-order units. To help address the heightened demand for the console, it’s believed that Sony will be manufacturing the PS4 in Japan and China. Now, it seems that Amazon has been given another batch of units to sell during launch period.

Those looking to snag a PS4 at launch date can once again do so by visiting Amazon and putting a pre-order on the powerful next-gen console.


Will you be getting a PS4 on launch?

[Via Amazon]

  • azizsnineteen88psnpensive7

    In a perfect world, one would suggest to buy two of those to double the performance! I wish….

  • Right? That was originally the promise of the Cell processor. That Sony would use it in other products and they could talk with one and other and be more powerful. #SomeDay

  • azizsnineteen88psnpensive7

    That’s why they used to call it “Broadband”. I remember the ad which first intrduced the cell chip, God I wish they’d make another one that would expand our imagination. I still think BluRay could be used to make content 100 times better than what we have to day. I guess I’ll just keep dreaming…